staff of Newark CSD and Newark Summer Program
Social Awakening with Max Stossel
Dave Paddock Returning to Newark High School
Pictured: Cast of the Newark High School Fall Drama
Staff of Newark CSD
Advertisement for our Spanish Bilingual phone line
Pictured: Staff of Kelley School Preparing Welcoming Signs for Students
Dunking for Dollars
Above: Superintendent Susan Hasenauer and Perkins School Principal Pete Czerkas in the festively decorated school atrium
RPO Save the Date
Newark News
Pictured: Newark CSD Staff
Pictured: Keary Pender
Photos of students and staff at the Popsicles event
Pictured: The Cast and Crew of the Musical Theatre Bootcamp
Pictured: New Assistant Principal at Newark High School - Addie Klaehn
Pictured: Kary Kate Wilbert
Pictured: Sandra Ordan and Jennifer Sinsebox
Pictured: Jonathan Mastin - New Newark CSD Athletics Director
New Newark Central School District Board of Education Officers Elected July 13th