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  • Message from Matt Cook, Superintendent of SchoolsMatt Cook


    Weather Related Information


    Dear Newark Central Parents and Guardians:


    A colleague of mine, Matt Frahm, in Naples, put out a great message to families about the upcoming cold weather. To give credit where it is due, I have borrowed much of his message in this communication to you. As temperatures continue to drop, we have already begun receiving phone calls from families inquiring about a possible school closure. Because closing school is one of the most difficult decision a superintendent has to make, I wanted to share some additional information regarding extreme temperatures and winter weather.


    When is it too cold for school?

    During winter months, it may be necessary to close or delay the opening of school to help protect children from instances of extreme cold and a -25° F sustained wind chill factor, is what our school physician has deemed dangerous.


    How can parents assist the school district in creating safer conditions for their children?

    • Make sure that your parent contact information at school is up-to-date. Many times, the school is not informed of address changes, phone changes and changes in emergency contacts. It is critical that this information is up-to-date.
    • The school must know where your child is to be sent in the event of an early dismissal.
    • Make certain the person you have designated as the emergency contact knows you selected him or her.
    • If your house is locked because you are not home, make certain your child knows how to get into the home. Does he/she have a key? Is there a safe location where a key can be hidden? Can a neighbor keep a key? Let your child know what the backup plan is in the event you are not home and may not even know that school is closed.
    • Be patient if you’re trying to call the school for information. We have only a few telephone lines and each school has hundreds of students.


    How will I know if school is cancelled or delayed?

    As soon as a decision is made to close or delay school, the district will send out a Connect Ed Parent Notification message and information will be posted on the school homepage and Twitter accounts. In addition, information will also be communicated via Rochester TV stations (R News, Channels 8, 10 and 13), as well as local radio stations. This is all referenced on the district website.


    How is the decision made to close or delay school?

    While we want our students in schools and ready to learn each day, we would never want to put a child in a position that threatens his or her health or well-being. Whenever considering a school closure or delay, the decision is ultimately made by the school superintendent after consulting weather resources, local highway superintendents, the transportation supervisor and area school administrators. However, the size of the Newark Central School District and the reality that winter weather can change very quickly means that there will be times when not everyone has the same opinion regarding whether or not school should be cancelled or delayed.


    Where can I find more information regarding winter weather and extreme temperatures?

    A great resource titled, “Winter Safety Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics” can be found by clicking HERE, and a “Wind Chill Chart” from the National Weather Service can be found HERE.


    While I promise you that no decision to cancel or delay school will be made without a great deal of time and thought, often times no perfect decisions exist with regard to the weather. Please know that as a parent or guardian, you ultimately have the authority to determine whether or not you feel it is safe for your child to attend school. Please use your best judgement this winter, and make sure your son or daughter is warmly dressed on the chilly days we have coming our way.


    Thanks so much,


    Matt Cook, Superintendent of Schools


    Every Student, Every Day









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