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    Hello Newark School Community,


    I need to take a few minutes to describe an issue that has plagued the district for decades that we are trying to address.  Dismissal at the three elementary schools takes a very long time.  Because each building has four waves of busses coming to pick up kids, dismissal can take over 30 -40 minutes or longer from start to finish.  Once the first wave of students leave a classroom, teachers lose a significant amount of instructional time and behaviors are more likely to crop up during this less structured time. 


    We commissioned a study of our transportation system and two of the recommendations that came out of that involved reducing the number of bus waves and changing the start and stop times of the three buildings.  A small work group of administrators, transportation staff and teachers met to review the recommendations and come up with a specific plan.


    Last week, we practiced going from four bus waves down to 1-2 bus waves at the elementary building and it went well but it was a day without elementary students.  Next step will come this Monday, June 24, when we practice this with students.  Lincoln will dismiss first, with most students all at once and a second, smaller wave right behind the first wave.  Then the busses will head to Perkins and they will dismiss all at once.  From there, the busses will go to Kelley, which will dismiss all at once.  Perkins will use the regular bus loop in back as well as the other bus loop in front.  Kelley will dismiss out the back to the park and out the front on Miller Street. 


    On Friday, the elementary principals will send communication home and make connected ed calls regarding specific times and locations for parent pick-up and dismissal procedures.  Since it is an early dismissal day on Monday, we recognize that the times that students will be dropped off by transportation were going to be different anyway.  I hope that you’ll have patience with us as we need to practice this procedure prior to making the changes official for the fall.   


    Once data is gathered about how this new dismissal process went, we will communicate more information out as soon as possible about the start and stop times for the three elementary buildings for the 2019-20 school year.  The shifts should not be more than 5-15 minutes one way or the other.  Thanks for your understanding and support as we work to make this important change for the elementary schools only.  The Middle and High School bus procedure and start and end times will remain the same.


                                                                                                                                                                                     Matt Cook

    Superintendent of Schools                                      



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