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  • Message from Matt Cook, Superintendent of SchoolsMatt Cook



    Dear Newark CSD Elementary Families and Staff,


    For the last several years, the district has struggled with the timing of our student dismissal from the three elementary buildings.  There are two problems that need to be solved and after commissioning a study of our transportation system and having many meetings with all the key staff involved, I believe we have a solution.  The two problems are:

    1. Dismissal takes too long, which leads to a significant amount of instructional time lost and contributes to a negative end to the school day for many of our students.
    2. Staff at Kelley School are traditionally unable to leave the building at their contractual time, unless they drop students off in the auditorium, which can lead to some of the problems referenced above.

    The primary causes of these problems are the use of four separate waves of busses during dismissal and the fact that all three buildings start and stop at the same time but are not at the same location.  When the district had more bus drivers, Lincoln School was able to have its own bus run, which helped the time problem but was not an efficient use of school resources.  The last factor to consider in coming up with a solution is that elementary dismissal cannot take place until secondary bus runs come back into Newark and with the large geographical boundaries of the district, that puts a constraint on when elementary dismissal can begin. 


    So, the solution for the 2019-20 school year will be to change the start and end the times of the three elementary buildings and to reduce the number of bus waves from four down to one or one and a half per building.  You may recall that on June 24th, during an early dismissal day, we ran a test of this new dismissal procedure.  It was successful in dramatically reducing the amount of time it took to get students from their classroom to the bus, which means we should be able to capture somewhere between 15-30 minutes of instructional time per day.  Conservatively, that translates into 45 more hours of instruction per school year! 


    The new start and end times for each building will be:

    • Lincoln:                 8:00 – 3:30
    • Perkins:                8:15 – 3:45
    • Kelley:                  8:30 – 4:00


    Remember, these times outline the day for the teaching staff.  The same as last school year, our students will start approximately 40 minutes after our teachers arrive.  More communication will be coming from Mr. Hamelinck at Kelley, Mrs. Miller at Lincoln and Mrs. Underhill at Perkins in the coming weeks regarding timing of student drop off/pick up along with specific building procedures, but I wanted to give you this advance notice so you can start to make plans around this change.  Also, special transportation communication will come from the Pupil Services Office or the Transportation Department, as it has in the past.  We will reassess this new dismissal procedure throughout the month of September and if adjustments need to be made, further communication will be forthcoming.


    I hope you have a wonderful summer and I’m looking forward to having everyone return in the fall!


    Matt Cook

    Superintendent of Schools                                    



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