Pictured: The State Champion Boys Outdoor Track Team
Pictured: Above: Back from left: Craig Sutherland, Nancy LeFevre, Judy Jasper and Heidi Parker. Bottom from left: Rebecca Hauf and Diane Muilwyk-Clemons.
Pictured: Perkins student reading in a tent
Pictured: Students at Lincoln School
Pictured: Staff and Students of the Newark Drama Club
Pictured: Sandra Ordan
Mind Game Winners - Lightbulb Question Mark
Students of Newark High School
Pictured: Miranda Brooks-Ruggeri and Mary Thoms
Pictured: John Ginter
Distracted On Purpose
National Unified Champion School - Newark High School - 2019-2023
Prism Concert Photo
Best Communities for Music Education Award
Congratulations Krista!
Bowling Pins Displaying "1st Place"
View of Band Concert