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the pajama game

The Pajama Game - Newark Spring Musical 2024


Romance is blossoming at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Handsome new Superintendent Sid Sorokin falls hard for feisty Union rep “Babe” Williams, and, despite her dismissal of all things love-related, it seems she’s falling right back. That is, until Sleep-Tite employees are refused a seven-and-a-half cent raise, and the pair find themselves on either side of the union protest that results. Based on Richard Bissel’s novel, 7 ½ cents, Adler and Ross’ Pajama Game portrays the ups and downs of romance, with the added heat of politics making the temperature extra hot. Babe and Sid must figure out how to love when the principles they value most are tearing them apart. First staged in 1954, The Pajama Game won three Tony awards, including best musical, and won another Tony for Best Revival in 2006, a testament to the fact that love, music, and politics are as hot as they ever were. The Pajama Game features hit songs including “Hey There,” “Hernando’s Hideaway” and “Steam Heat” which have also become pop standards that climbed as high as number one in the US charts.

Welcome to the Newark High School Drama Club

Drama Masks

Looking for a way to meet new friends and get involved with something at school?

Officially the Drama Club produces a fall play and a spring musical. The club also has numerous opportunities during the school year for field trips to live theatre, masterclass/workshops, our annual student directed One Act, and lots of other fun activities. Check out the links to the left for more information. Come join the fun!

Ready to face the spotlight? In order to be an actor on stage you must audition.

  • Audition notices are typically posted in the music hallway, announced on morning announcements, and sent out via the Drama Club REMIND.

  • The play is produced in early October and rehearses September-October.

  • The musical is produced in early March and rehearses January-March.

  • Check out all the links on this page for the most up to date information.

Not sure about getting up on stage in front of an audience? Join stage crew!

  • Are you a good leader? Ask about Stage Management

  • Have an eye for detail? Check out our Lighting Crew

  • Interested in technology? We need a Sound Crew for the musical. 

  • Not afraid of heights and have strong arms? Join the Fly team.

  • Can you quickly move set pieces and like to be organized? Be a part of our Backstage Deck Crew.

Prefer to play in the pit? The spring musical also provides some opportunities for student musicians in the orchestra.

  • Ask for details and express interest to Mrs. Valerio or Mrs. Flock. Each musical orchestration is unique and will have different instrumental needs.

Information For Interested Students to Read with Parents/Guardians


  • An actor or crew member's first responsibility is as a student. Students on academic probation will not be eligible to participate at rehearsals.

  • Rehearsals, just like athletic practices, should not be missed because of procrastination.  

Time Commitment 

  • Both the fall play and the spring musical require commitment. Sometimes arrangements can be made with athletic teams, but it requires advance notice to everyone (parents, coaches, director, etc). Students holding a job, being on a sports team, or participating in time consuming outside of school activities must be willing to be flexible, proactive, and responsible if they are attempting to balance those obligations with rehearsals. It certainly is possible, it will just require lots of communication! 

  • Actors and crew will be required to help as needed with set building, painting, costume needs, etc. 

  • All actors and crew are required to attend tech rehearsal (typically the Saturday before opening) and strike (directly following last performance). 

  • Rehearsal Schedule Typically rehearsals are 3 hours/day running 3-5 days a week. Rehearsals are held in the evening (6:00pm-9:00pm). 

  • Cast and crew will be expected to arrive early and stay late during "production week" when it is necessary to be in costume/mics/hair/makeup, running the show, and cleaning up after. We do our very best to have students dismissed by 10:00pm. Depending on how long the musical runs, this can be difficult.   


  • Attendance at rehearsal is critical. However, if a student is absent from school, they may NOT attend rehearsal that evening (same as the athletic policy).

  • Please notify the proper parties if you will not be attending rehearsal. Directions about how to do this will be presented at the first cast meeting. 

  • If absences are unexcused it is the director's discretion if that actor will remain in the show. 

  • If an actor has missed numerous rehearsals they may be removed from certain scenes, or from the production totally. 

  • If you, as an actor, miss a rehearsal it is your responsibility to find the Stage Manager the next rehearsal and collect any stage directions you missed. 


  • There is no participation fee for productions. However, there are certain things an actor will be asked to provide. 

  • Actors will need to provide their own shoes for productions. These include specialty dance shoes if they are required for a production (tap shoes, character shoes, etc.). Instructions on what shoes are needed will be given as early as possible. 

  • Often shoes can be borrowed from the Drama Club's costume storage, may be shoes an actor already owns, or may be purchased at a thrift store. 

  • Actors also need to provide their own socks and hosiery. Makeup is traditionally provided by the Drama Club but most actors prefer to provide their own. Details about makeup vary per production. 

  • Costumes are provided by the Drama Club. However, due to our limited budget, actors are sometimes asked to provide basic costume pieces (for example black pants, white button down dress shirt, leggings). This also varies based on the show. 

  • Traditionally, show t-shirts or other apparel are made available for sale. It is not required to purchase but many students like to have a t-shirt (there will be days when all will wear shirts to school to promote production). Typically the cost is around $10.

  • Newark participates in the RBTL's Stars of Tomorrow program. It is optional for students to attend the awards ceremony. The cost per ticket has historically been $15. 


  • BEFORE TECH WEEK all cast and crew will be asked to volunteer at least 6 hours to help with production jobs. Some examples include - set build, costume organizing or sewing, set painting, prop creation/gathering, hanging/focusing lights, designing posters, hanging posters, designing and decorating display case, taking cast/crew headshots, designing program, numbering and cutting tickets, setting light or sound cues. The Stage Manager will keep a running tally of hours contributed. Hours must be approved by Director.

  • The Drama Club operates on a very limited budget. We rely on parent volunteers to help with set building, costume gathering and sewing, prop gathering and building, publicity efforts, running the concession stand, and a variety of other things that come up during a production. 

  • If you are handy with a screw gun or a sewing machine, we need your help! 

  • Is a glue gun more your speed? Don't worry, there are projects for every skill level. 

  • At the start of each production please watch for information about a parent meeting or opportunities for parent involvement. Many hands make light work! 

Being involved with theatre is a unique experience. Take a chance and be a part of something special during your years at Newark High School!

Want updates from Drama Club?

Email Ms. Howard and ask to be added to the Drama Club via StudentSquare