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While our content is being created, please learn more about our Visual and Media Arts program by clicking on the link below:

Goal & Vision

ART is the most ancient and basic form of human communication. The need to communicate visually is within every human being to some degree, and it is crucial for an advanced-thinking society to continue to foster these internal needs on an academic level.

Here at Newark, we provide art classes to allow students to exercise these basic human needs, as well as foster important developmental motor skills and creative thinking skills. As illustrated in Daniel Pink's book, A Whole New Mind, for a society to succeed, it must strive to make art education and creative thinking top priorities. Art is far more than decorative and utilitarian; participating in art classes allows us to learn about the world and about ourselves through the use of visual language.

The visual and media arts education that your children receive here from UPK-12th grade fully aligns with our district’s vision and promotes the following strengths:

  • Develops creative thinking.

  • Provides means of communication and self-expression.

  • Serves as an emotional release.

  • Strengthens and helps to develop self-concept and confidence.

  • Increases self-understanding.

  • Heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity.

  • Enhances the ability to visualize.

  • Provides problem-solving/decision-making opportunities.

  • Develops appreciation and empathy for the individuality of others.

  • Leads to the integration of the individual.

  • Aids physical coordination.

  • Develops work habits and a sense of responsibility.

  • Aids the adult in understanding and helping the child.

  • Generates joy.

Our goal as professional visual and media arts educators is to provide unique and creative art experiences to your children to help foster their development and success as confident, creative, and collaborative members of our society.