What if there were only 8 minutes left? Newark Drama Advertisement

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The unique and thought-provoking fall play "8 Minutes Left" will be presented by the Newark High School Drama Club this weekend _ October 21st and 22nd in the Newark High School auditorium at 7 p.m. 

Director Emily Howard said while the play employs some humor, it takes a look at what it would be like if the world was coming to an end in 8 minutes and how humans might deal with that stark reality. 

It spotlights the final moments of life for some New Jersey residents including a well-prepared-for-an emergency couple with a backyard bunker they’re not sure how to get into; two elderly frenemies who spend their precious few moments left squabbling over their favorite park bench; and a mother watching her children play and wondering their lives would have become. 

"I think the question of how humans would spend their last minutes on earth is interesting. It is a theme that has been explored often in fiction,” Howard said. 

“This is a vignette-style show which features 1, 2, or 3-person scenes that gives many actors an opportunity to perform. The 20-person cast features actors in 9-12th grades. It's important to allow our students the chance to participate in everything high school has to offer.”

Cast members include: Brooklyn Baker (12), Gracie Bennett (10), Felicity Brey (11) Addison Burgess (9),Vera Butchko (12), Isabella Cary (10), Andrew Flock (12), Bailey Harris (10), Jocelyn Hinks (12), Ryan Hinks (10), Bella Humphrey (9), Jadon Kowaleski (11), Mikalya Miller (10), Ian Murphy (11), Shyanne Pilozzi (10), Braydan Sherman (9), Cole Talbot (11), Leeann Titus (10), Camryn Tolleson (10) and Beatrice Van Riper (11). 

Crew members include: Matteo Botelho (9), Trent Conklin (9), Tohbi Edmister (10), Raina George (9), Loretta Hobart (10), Sloane Peters (11), Emma Titus (9) and Sakurako Wiegand (9). 

Tickets at the door will be $5 for students and seniors and $7 for adults. Thanks