NCSD Demin Day/Go Pink Day Fundraiser

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The kindness and caring of Newark Central School District staff that participated in Denim Day/Go Pink Day October 17th, resulted in $711 being raised to benefit Embrace Your Sisters (EYS) that provides short-term emergency financial assistance to residents in the region. 

To participate, staff members donated $5 or more for the right to wear jeans and or pink in support of breast cancer awareness. 

Lisa Spencer who teaches English as a New Language at Newark Middle School and Kelley School coordinated the event this year with Mikey Davanzo who is an NMS and District Office Administrative Intern this school year. 

Many people diagnosed with breast cancer are unable to work during their illness or treatment and it takes a huge financial toll on an already difficult struggle. 

Assistance from EYS eases the financial difficulties of unpaid bills and helps cancer patients focus on their health and families,” said Spencer, who has been organizing the Denim Day fundraiser for over 20 years. “A grant from EYS can help friends dealing with mounting co-pays and medical expenses. This emergency funding can also help with rent/mortgages, utilities, and other necessary expenses in order to improve the quality of their lives and maintaining a stable environment during their battle. EYS can also provide longer-term help with practical, emotional health and other vital services.” We want to thank everyone in the district for their donations and support of this worthy endeavor,” Spencer said. Learn more about EYS click here: