Extended School Day Programming Keeps Lights On After School

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Students and staff participating in the Newark Central School District Extended School Day (ESD) Program will join more than 8,000 communities and one million Americans nationwide this week in raising awareness of the importance of after school programs and resources required to keep the lights on and doors open after the traditional school day ends. 

Dr. Jennifer Sinsebox, Assistant Director of Innovation and Grant Services for the NCS said the 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLCC) grant-funded ESD program provides “after school programming for academic, physical and social-emotional development and enrichment for our students K-12.” 

"It is awesome that our students are provided with these additional opportunities,” she said. “Having visited the sites, nothing makes me smile more than seeing the students, staff and community partners engaged in extended learning and/or laughing while playing community building games or martial arts. ESD reminds us why we are here _ to support teaching and learning for our students and to provide them and the community with additional resources that would not be possible without the grant funding.” 

Operating at four sites  - Newark High School, the Middle School, Kelley School and Perkins School after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons this semester the ESD program provides not only an academic component, but a wide range of unique activities for students to choose from. 

Participating Lincoln School students attend the program at Perkins School. While attendance fluctuates from day to day depending on sports, other extracurricular activities or other factors, there are currently 150 K-12 students enrolled in the program with enrollment increasing each week. The ESD program, that began October 4th, will continue through the end of the school year. 

For more information on the program visit: Extended School Day Program | Newark Central School District (newarkcsd.org)