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In an effort to enhance communication with Spanish-only speaking families in the Newark Central School District, a Spanish Bilingual Phone Line was launched on the first day of this new school year September 6th on which parents or guardians may communicate a need or request regarding a student.

Julia Solan, NCSD Family Outreach and Community Schools Coordinator, said Spanish-only speaking parents or guardians may call the phone line to report such school-related matters like absences, transportation or other concerns and or ask questions. Someone will return their call in their native language within 24-48 hours. 

All messages should provide: 

• The first and last name of the person calling 

• The best phone number and time to call back 

• The first and last name of the student they are calling about 

• The student’s school and grade they are in 

• The specific reason for the call 

Solan said the Bilingual Phone Line was instituted after Nelly Edinger, a social worker intern last year with Lincoln School Social Worker Rebecca Adams, and Olivia Russo, social worker intern under Julia Solan felt there was a need for enhanced communication with Spanish-only speaking families. 

Edinger saw how that need was met in the Sodus Central School District where she previously worked when a bilingual phone line was instituted there. 

When individuals call the NCSD’s Bilingual Phone Line at 315-332-3390, Solan receives both an e-mail and voice mail message that are sent to the school district’s translator Carlos Smith. He and Solan, if need be, will return the call in Spanish within 24 to 48 hours. 

Currently, Solan said, the greatest need is to get the word out to families that would use the phone line. 

Information is being communicated by posters, direct mailing information to families, on the school district website and by English as a New Language (ENL) teachers. 

Of the school district’s 1,937 students, it currently has 31 students whose parents require translation Solan said. Spanish Bilingual Phone Line Available In The Newark Central School District