Newark News

The Newark Board of Education would like to hold its first Linkage Meeting with the Public on Wednesday, September 7th at 5:30 PM.  The purpose of these meetings are to provide an interactive forum between the Board of Education and the community to foster reciprocal communication.   September’s topic will focus on the following:

  • The Role of the Board of Education
  • What the Board of Education can and cannot say in public session
  • Chain of Command:  Communication Chart

The Linkage Meeting will take place at the BOCES Conference Center located at 131 Drumlin Court in Newark (Diamond Room on 2nd Floor).   Please contact Stacy Warren at or (315) 332-3217 if you wish to attend.

In addition, the Board of Education is committed to keeping the lines of communication open with the community and would like feedback regarding future Linkage Meeting topics. To ensure we are meeting the needs of all stakeholders, we ask that you take the time to fill out a brief survey regarding topics that are of interest to you in the future.  

Please click here to complete this survey: