Pictured: Sandra Ordan and Jennifer Sinsebox

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Dr. Jennifer Sinsebox is Newark Central School District’s new Assistant Director of Innovation and Grants Services. 

Her appointment to the newly-created position was unanimously approved by the Board of Education May 4th and she began working July 14thShe is the Assistant to Sandra Ordan who became the new Director of Innovation and Grant Services in May. 

Ordan’s duties include development and implementation of grants and innovative programming; creating high performing Community School Partnerships and building innovative programs in which students and families feel supported, community members feel connected and successful outcomes emerge by utilizing multi-tiered systems of support aligned with the District’s Strategic Plan, grantor priorities and requirements. 

Dr. Sinsebox is assisting Ordan in her myriad duties to help to ensure successful grant development, administration, implementation, and monitoring to maximize grant resources that will be used to enhance academic programs, support and enrichment programming. 

Jennifer's experience as Executive Director of Curriculum and Data Management yields a tremendous amount of expertise in innovative practices and grants. She understands the landscape of a district in need of improvement and has hit the ground running bringing new ideas and a set of concrete skills that will be invaluable. We are very lucky to have her join a team that will soar to amazingly high levels,” said Superintendent Susan Hasenauer. 

"I am thrilled to be part of the Newark Central School District and community. Everyone has been extremely welcoming during my transition to this newly created role,” Dr. Sinsebox said. “I am so impressed at the district’s high-level commitment to innovation and strategic planning that is focused on supporting the academic and social emotional learning for all students. Serving as Project Director for the ESD and 21>span class="s1">st Century Community Learning Center grants and MTSS Coordinator will afford me the opportunity to collaborate with students, families, staff, and community partners to make the programs have a positive impact on teaching and learning. I look forward to working side by side assisting Sandra in her role as Director. Together we will make a great team.”