Prism Concert Photo


A select group of Newark High School instrumental

and vocal musicians will perform in a unique concert format
called “PRISM” April 25th at 7:30 p.m. in the Newark High
School auditorium.

“For quite some time, we have wanted to bring this style concert
to Newark and we now have the opportunity,” said Robert
Humphrey, instrumental music teacher at NHS who planned
the event with NHS vocal music teacher Kate Flock.

“A PRISM concert is presented with the concept of the audience
experiencing music as one might experience light when it is reflected
through a prism. You will hear small ensembles, soloists, and specialized
groups perform music without interruption from varied locations within
the auditorium. As one group performs, another group prepares. As the
lights go down on one, the lights arise on another and they perform. This
continues for the entirety of the performance without applause until the
last group has performed,” Humphrey explained.
Students performing in this concert had to audition to
take part in this event.
“Everyone is very excited to bring this to Newark,” he said.
“Please consider coming to support these exceptional musicians. It takes
a ton of fortitude to perform a solo/duet/small ensemble work in this
exposed setting with little light and no applause until the end.”
Anyone with questions about the event may contact
Humphrey, via e-mail at