Malachi Graduating with Newark High School Staff

Being the only one to graduate at a commencement ceremony isn’t typical, but neither was the journey getting there.

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But judging from his smile, it was clear it was worth all the effort for Malachi Copeland. He happily and gratefully received his diploma in a brief, but meaningful informal ceremony at Newark High School September 7th.

Surrounded by some well-wishing staff members, Malachi shared his appreciation and gratitude for the support he received from them as he worked to complete his graduation requirements this summer.

NHS Principal Kelly A. Zielke expressed heartfelt congratulations on behalf of everyone saying “how proud we all are of you Malachi for overcoming obstacles and persevering toward your goal of obtaining your diploma.”

He plans to attend FLCC in the Spring and after that would like to attend Houghton University or Liberty University and earn advanced degrees in Biblical Studies and Theology