Painted Parking Perks

When Newark High School reopens September 6th, several seniors who drive to school will have designated parking spots awaiting them in the senior parking lot south of Red Fox Lane. That’s because they have recently painted them.

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NHS Assistant Principal Joe Canori said the designated senior parking privilege was afforded seniors with valid driver’s licenses who obtained a parking permit and had sketches of their artwork for their parking spaces pre-approved.

Courtney Jadus and Chloe Semmler are two of them.

During the afternoon of August 28th, the two seniors, joined by friends, a sibling and others were busy painting their parking spots in the warm sunshine.

Jadus, whose space resembles the classic Twister board game she loved playing as a youngster, gave a thumbs up to the personalized senior parking spot perk.

“It’s a cool way to put students’ creativity on display she said as she and senior classmate and friend Ava Correa were busy painting a white basecoat on Jadus’ parking spot. “This is a big part of things we get to do in our senior year like the Senior Trip, Senior Sunrise and Operation Graduation.”

Semmler, who was busy painting her parking spot with the help of her older sister Emma, a 2018 NHS grad, and senior Makenna Shepherd, agreed.

“It’s a good idea. A good way to express yourself.”

Semmler’s parking spot, with its blue background is accented with a floral motif.

“It’s fun and bolsters Senior Spirit. They look forward to this tradition,’’ Canori said.

As of Aug. 29th, about 16 students had either had completed or were in the process of completing their parking space designs.

Jadus said there would be more designated spaces created if more seniors had cars.

“It’s not super easy to buy a car when you are in high school,’’ she said. Canori said while 27 seniors will be driving to school this year and parking in the senior parking lot, not all chose to create designated spaces.

In order to participate, students had to follow some tasteful requirements regarding their designs and use ONLY water-based exterior latex paints.

Seniors will also be required to paint over their parking space with black paint at the end of the school year in order to graduate.