Flag Day Ceremony Held at Lincoln School

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In observance of National Flag Day June 14th, Lincoln School had a special ceremony that was attended by many parents.

It began with a small group of students, staff and Principal Kari Hamelinck singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our national anthem. Then the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lincoln School Pledge were recited.

Hamelinck then explained the origin of Flag Day and why the U.S. flag has “13 stripes, alternate red and white” representing the 13 original colonies and 50 white stars representing 50 U.S. states.

Lastly awards for good citizenship, were distributed to students from each grade level whom teachers deemed greatly exemplified such characteristics.

Four second graders voted on by Lincoln staff were also recipients of Shirley Petty trophy awards. Petty was a very compassionate and caring teacher at Lincoln School for 23 years until her untimely passing in 1987. The students receiving this award were: Blaycin-Carter Barr, Zoey Sargent, Allison Devlin and Lylah Santiago-Humby.

UPK Citizenship Awards were presented to: Lia Kouwe, Zion McDonald, Zara Richwalder, Gavin Koeberle, Kensi Salerno and Madeleine Klemann.

Kindergarten Citizenship Awards were presented to: Myasia Gonzalez-Tucker, Ashton Carlson, Piper Sargent, Oliver Esquit, Payton Miller and Bryson Faeth.

1st Grade Citizenship Awards were presented to: Jaxon Wood, Aliyah Webb, Jamelia Juneau, Skylynn DeRue, Adalynn Buisch and Adrian Stanton

2nd Grade Citizenship Awards were presented to: Julian Bauer, Aria Beniamino, Felicity Wyjad, Adelynn Santana, Blake Chapin, Waylon Howell, Lillian Stanistreet, Jax Stephens and Cruz Crego.