Arcadian Dedicated to Jennifer Damick

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Jennifer Damick, Newark High School Math teacher was totally surprised to learn at the end of the Junior/Senior awards assembly June 8th, that the 2023 Arcadian yearbook was dedicated to her.

Yearbook Advisor Katie Ganter, who teaches English and Marketing and Publications announced the yearbook was being dedicated to Damick.

Each year, the Yearbook staff, in conjunction with the Senior Class, selects a member of the school community to dedicate the yearbook to. This is always a person that the class deeply respects and feels a close connection to. This year, members of the Senior Class chose to dedicate the Yearbook to a teacher they have had several times over the course of their high school careers. The members of the Senior Class describe her as ‘fun, trustworthy, and compassionate.’ Seniors were heartbroken when they learned that this individual would be absent for several weeks at the beginning of the year. They were relieved and excited when she was able to return to the classroom to share the laughs, support and encouragement that she is known for.

“On behalf of the Class of 2023 and the NHS Yearbook Staff, I am pleased to announce this year’s Arcadian is dedicated to Ms. Jennifer Damick.”

Damick, who currently teaches FLCC Pre-Calculus and FLCC Math of Money for seniors at NHS, is the coach of Lady Reds JV Soccer and a Link Crew co-advisor, had this to say about the dedication:

It was truly an honor. A very humbling experience for me only being in my 8th year at Newark to have seniors respecting me that much to choose me.”