2023 Retirees

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The informal, evening reception in the Newark High School Library June 8th was a nice way to say ‘Thank you’ and share heartfelt words of praise, expressions of gratitude and memories about Newark Central School District staff who already have or will retire this school year.

Superintendent Susan Hasenauer expressed heartfelt appreciation for the 10 employees combined 218 years of hard work and dedication to the Newark Central School District.

While six of the individuals were unable to attend, she said it was important to recognize and celebrate all the retirees many years of faithful service and invaluable contributions to both the district and students and wished them the very best in their retirement.

Then former Kelley School Principal Jeff Hamelinck who recently became Midlakes Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Perkins School Principal Pete Czerkas and Lincoln School Principal Kari Hamelinck beautifully reflected on the myriad and invaluable contributions made by the attending honored guests.

It was very memorable. The retirees, their retirement date, years of service they worked for the NCSD follow.

Kathy Sapp - Secretary, 4/18/88-6/30/23 (35 years)

Elise Herring - Teaching Assistant, 9/5/95-6/30/23 (28 years)

Lisa Spencer - ENL Teacher, 9/1/97-6/30/23 (26 years)

Barbara Simonse - Secretary, 10/14/97-6/30/23 (26 years)

Valerie Michaels, Instructional Coach, 9/1/98-1/3/23 (25 years)

Margaret Housel - Head Cook, 9/13/99-6/30/23 (24 years)

Renee Kuperus - Head Bus Driver, 4/30/01-6/23/23 (22 years)

Mike Steve - Director of Facilities, 2/1/14-7/31/23 (9 years)

Sheila Dittmar - Transportation Supervisor, 1/22/14-7/31/23 (9 years)

Cathy Cuckler, Bus Driver, 1/20/09 – 6/26/23 (14 years)

Others attending the reception included: Board of Education members President Brad Steve, Vice President Julie Nevelizer and BOE members Russ Harris, Miranda Brooks-Ruggeri, Mary Thoms, Scott Verbridge and Matt Burgess ; Krista Lewis, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Ed Gnau, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Newark Middle School Principal John Ginter and NMS Assistant Principal Melanie Meyer; retirees spouses and other family members and friends.