Kelley School ARtists' Work Unveiled at show

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More than 200 students, parents, siblings and others attended the Kelley School Art Show June 1st that featured at least one piece of artwork made by every student in the grades 3-5 school.

Students produced their artwork they wanted displayed _Wonderful Original Work of Art (W.O.W.) _ in art teacher Kaylee Stoneham’s art classes.

“This means they had to spend at least 3 classes or more on the artwork, feel proud of it, receive feedback on it from 2 or more peers and be able to write a 3-5 sentence artist statement about it,” Stoneham explained. “Students personally picked what art of theirs to have on display at the art show based on their feelings and connection to their work. They took great pride in bringing in families to share their W.O.W. pieces. They also created handmade invitations to invite their families and teachers to the art show.

Parents shared that they were ‘blown away by the art show display.’ They shared that it was ‘so beautiful and colorful’ and that they ‘wished the halls looked like this all year round.’ Overall they were ‘so amazed by the talent at Kelley school’ and thankful for the event.

“Students said they ‘love seeing all the art through the halls’ because it looks so ‘bright and happy.’ They were pulling parents down the hall saying, ‘come on, let me show you mine.’ They were smiling as they read their artist statements to their families.”

For the second year in a row, the 6:30 p.m. art show was held on the same night as the 7 p.m. Band, Chorus and Bucket Brigade Concert at the school.

“There were a couple hundred people there throughout the night and the auditorium ended up being standing room only for the concert,” Stoneham said. “Kelley artists also designed the covers for the concert programs and there were over 30 artists that submitted cover designs.”