Kindness on Parade

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Lincoln and Perkins School Visual Arts teacher Courtney Dentel, who is also Pre-K through 12th grade Art Department Leader, reported a very unusual happening in some Lincoln School hallways near the UPK, Kindergarten and SHAPE classrooms verrrrrrrry early June 2nd.

Here’s the scoop:

“The Kindness Onsters that our UPK, Kindergarten, and SHAPE student artists created snuck out of the art studio last night and have started a parade in the halls! I can't even believe it! They were all tucked into their table folders last I checked. I think their plan is to celebrate kindness here at Lincoln!

“You see, Onsters are monsters who have lost their M, which stands for MEAN. They can't find their M anywhere and can no longer be mean . . . they can only be kind! They realized it's so much better to be kind and friendly to others and wanted to share that message with all of Lincoln School!

“I was able to see the parade tonight _ up close and personal _ all 88 marchers! They are doing some pretty cool tricks in the parade too. Some of the Onsters are floats, as they have no legs to walk with. You can see them floating over a table or slightly above other Onsters. There are also a few circus performers who are sharing some balancing acts with us! Each Onster was so thoughtful and made their artist a heart with their name on it, too! Each class is led with a couple of Onsters carrying a class banner.

“Students had a ton of fun making them and I'm sure will be proud to see all of these on display. Here is the book we listened to for inspiration, if you'd like to listen to it with your classes. “The Monster Who Lost His Mean” at

“In our classes, we noticed how the Onster was treated poorly by his monster friends because he wasn't like them anymore, and how that made the Onster feel. He then became friends with children and had so much fun being kind to them, and them being kind to him! The children in the story celebrated the Onster with a surprise party! I'm not certain, but I think that's why the Lincoln School kindness Onsters wanted to celebrate their children who made them with a parade.“

Amanda Richwalder, Kindergarten teacher at Lincoln School, shared this picture she took of her daughter, Zara, a Lincoln UPK student, when she found her own Onster on parade.

“She was very surprised and happy to see her Onster this morning,” Richwalder said. "My class loved them and each time we walked in the hall today they found something different, it was great!"