Principals' Council Gives Students a Voice

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Sixteen Newark High School students four from each grade that represent a good cross section of the NHS student population now have a voice in some of the administrative decision-making there.

They are members of Principals’ Council that recently met for the first time March 6th during 10th period in the school’s large group instruction room with Principal Kelly A. Zielke and Assistant Principals Addie Klaehn and Joe Canori.

Zielke said Principals’ Council was formed to “make sure students voices are represented in some of the decision making concerning our school.”

While primarily a meet and greet format in a community circle at the first meeting, Zielke said students also talked about things they like and don’t like about the high school.

Principals’ Council members were picked from a field of applicants and before the first meeting they were asked to provide feedback on how they feel the new Smart Pass system is working.

They gave good feedback on what they like and don’t about it,’’ Zielke said, noting their thoughts will be helpful as adjustments are made in the new system.

One topic discussed at the March 6th meeting was about making the best use of Morning Meetings that are held with Zielke in the auditorium during PRIDE time with 9&10th graders on Tuesdays and 11&12th graders on Thursdays.

Students want them to be more interactive and hands-on than primarily informational,’’ Zielke said.

Principals’ Council will likely meet once each month, at different times during the school day to accommodate as many students’ schedules as possible.