Staff of Newark CSD

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Seven years ago, Newark High School Counselor Sue Gardner came up with the great idea of having district staff wear college shirts, other collegiate gear or military wear one Wednesday each month and pay $1 apiece for the privilege. 

The idea caught on and since then over $6,000 has been raised and given to charitable organizations in Wayne County. 

“We want to continue supporting these organizations _ many that help children be successful outside of school _ and want to support them as much as possible.,” Gardner said. “We plan to continue this program for years to come.” 

College Wear Wednesdays” this year will be the third Wednesday of each month and will begin September 21st. 

Envelopes are in the main office in school buildings where staff can leave their dollars. 

“Please join in the fun of showing off your school pride while donating to a great cause!,” Gardner said. 

Here’s where the donations will go this year: 

• Sept 21st _ Newark Food Pantry 

• October 19th _ Newark Public Library 

• November 16th _ Angel Tree @ High School 

• Dec 21st _ Alex Eligh Community Center in Newark 

• January 18th _ Humane Society of Wayne County 

• February 15th _ Special Olympics 

• March 15th _ Blessings in a Backpack 

• April 19th _ Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County 

• May 17th_ Meals on Wheels 

• June 7th _ Laurel House Comfort Care Home