Concert-hoers Urget to help Newark Food Closet
Gratitude Matters
Learn about Careers!
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Newark High School December 1, 2023
Saying thanks to Veterans in song and sound
Just for Fun!
Veterans Day Concert November 9th
Hispanic Cultrual Themes Influences Artworks
"Better Together"
"If I can... We Can Too" Conference Nov. 4th at NHS Will be Powerful. Be Ther!
Save the Date... NOW!
"Dracula" Rehearsals Underway
Cloud-covered "Senior Sunrise" was still a good time
Malachi Graduating with Newark High School Staff
Opening Day Images
Imagine If
Painted Parking Perks
Newark Central School District New Staff Orientation Being Held August 21-24 at Newark Middle School
I think I'm ready for another adventure
Class of 2023 Top Scholars