Staff, Community unput being sought at April 19th Linkage meeting on expansion of School District's safety and Secruity Structure

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The Newark Board of Education is seeking input from the community members and staff at a Linkage Meeting April 19th at 6 p.m. in the Newark High School LGI. This meeting is about expanding its current Safety and Security Structure to include three concealed carry security personnel.

Concealed carry is when you carry a weapon, in most cases a firearm, concealed while out in public. One of the three personnel would be stationed during school hours at Newark High School; another at Newark Middle School; and a third individual would be shared between Kelley, Perkins and Lincoln Schools.

The Linkage Meeting will begin with an explanatory presentation followed by a question and answer session.

Prior to the Linkage Meeting, those planning to attend are encouraged to complete this confidential survey by noon April 12th if they’ve not already done so at:

For more information about the current Safety & Security Structure, click on this link: https://

The BOE will review survey results and information gleaned from the public at the Linkage Meeting and make a decision about whether or not to add concealed carry security personnel at a later date.

Superintendent Susan Hasenauer and the Board of Education thanked everyone, in advance, for their important feedback from the surveys and at the April 19th Linkage Meeting.