PEBT Benefits

PEBT Benefits: The District has learned that there is another round of PEBT benefits that may apply to our community.  As this is a New York State Benefit for SNAP, we do not have all the answers but wanted to share what we know. After reaching out to the phone number on the website and listening to the recording, the school building must be closed for at least five (5) consecutive days per month due to COVID-19 to qualify to receive this benefit.  There may be other criteria to qualify and as we know more we will share with the community.  Also below is the Frequently Asked Questions link for the Pandemic Electronic Benefitc Transfer (PEBT) credit this.


All of our students are eligible for free lunch under the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).  At this point in time, NYS has not asked us to send the information to them as they did last time PEBT was distributed so we are not certain as to how NYS is gathering the information.