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NHS Staff Take SJFC Class on Anti-Racism

In July of 2018 High School staff joined teachers from all over Wayne County to engage in a 40 hour course on how to use curriculum and instruction to combat racism.  They explored challenging topics such as implicit bias, cultural humility and the invisible and oft overlooked decisions that we make as educators, with good intentions, that impact our students of color.

Using this increased understanding, our high school teachers re-examined texts that they use in the classroom, topics that they cover and how they cover them.  They looked, for example, at how to include positive role models that play protagonist roles in literature and in history, that tupically do not get covered.  They explored ways to provide instruction that made it more relatable to all students, regardless of their culture, race, religion or background, enabling greater equity in access to high quality instruction.

The course was taught by James Wood from St. John Fisher College and Earle Green, from Wayne County Alliance for Racial Equity (W.A.R.E.).