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NCSD Staff Attend Wayne County Implicit Bias Workshops by Dr. Marks

Over 20 NCSD staff attended one of two workshops offered by Dr. Marks on Implicit Bias.  Dr. Marks is a national presenter on the topic and is the founding director and chief education officer of the National Training Institute on Race & Equity.   As a diversity and implicit bias expert, Dr. Marks has provided implicit bias training to over 2,000 Police Chiefs and executives via a series of briefings at the White House in 2016, and several thousand patrol officers in local police departments including the entire Los Angeles Police Department. He has also provided training related to diversity and implicit bias to individuals in education (K-12 and higher education), philanthropy, non-profits, local and federal government, and several other sectors. He serves on several national boards and is a highly sought after speaker and trainer.  


Participants learned important concepts such as the differences between racism, bias, stereotyping and how these elements play constantly in our everyday interractions with students, parents and each other.  He also emphasized that having implicit bias is "Value Neutral," it is something we all have.  Once we identify it, however, he also adds that as individuals we own a responsibility to address it.  He offers strategies on how to do this which include:

1) Obtain specific information about individual members of a specific group of peop0le (interests, hobbies, favorite movies, musicians, etc...) which helps remind us to see people as individuals rather than as labels.

2) Take on the perspective of a targeted group of people.  This challenging task includes empathy, understanding and communication.

3) Replace stereotyped responses with non-stereotyped responses to individuals belonging to a particular group.

4) Increase opportunities for contact with individuals from a particular group.  Have conversations, eat dinner with eachother even invite each other to eachother's homes for a meal.  These strategies break down our natural tendency to group individuals and lose sensel of whom they really are beyond a label.