• Welcome Cast and Crew and Pit Band of Nice Work If You Can Get It!

    Thursday March 1, 2018 at 3:30pm

    Friday March 2, 2018 at 7:30pm

    Saturday March 3, 2018 at 7:30pm

    Sunday March 4, 2018 at 2:00pm



    Info about tap shoes - click here  


    Detailed January rehearsal calendar here


    Detailed Feb/March rehearsal calendar here


    REMINDERS 1/27

    • Program bios are due Monday February 12. Complete the form at this link: CLICK HERE
    • Vice Squad members plus Nick and Ryan: do you have black dress pants and black long sleeve dress shirts you could wear for the show? If yes, please bring those in with you on Monday February 12 for our first costume parade. If not, we do have some in storage, please talk to Mrs. Whiting ASAP. 


    REMINDERS 1/23

    • Sign up to attend field trip on Friday February 9 - Smith Opera House for RPO and Rochester City Ballet
    • Bring in your shoes and undergarments by Monday February 12 (Vice Squad members need black dress shoes and black socks) (Chorus Girls need black shoes, optional tan/nude/brown/white shoes, optional spandex shorts for under dresses, etc.) Any questions please talk to Emily or Mrs. Whiting



    Thank you for attending the Parent/Guardian Meeting! Below is a list of the information covered at the meeting.

    • Student Code of Conduct - must be signed by all participating in musical. This covers academic standing, behavior inside and outside school. Any disciplinary reports are sent to Emily and then a student meeting must occur. 
    • Communication methods - email (Emily tries to send emails once a week), REMIND (Emily tries to send daily), bulletin board (in music hallway), website (this page!), contact info for Emily - emilyRhoward@gmail.com 315-857-3265
    • Communicating to Emily - you must contact me if you are unable to attend rehearsal. You may not attend rehearsal if you were home sick from school. Please communicate that to me. 
    • Attendance at rehearsal - is tracked and will have bearing on your ability to be in all production numbers
    • Please be on time for rehearsal. 
    • If there is a snow day or evening activities are cancelled then we do not have rehearsal (I will try to send REMIND too)
    • Calendar - a more detailed calendar will be shared through email and online. 
    • Cast and Crew - I'm asking for everyone to give 5 hours of production work (building sets, painting, working on costumes, working on the program, publicity, etc.) we will have a chart to keep track of info.
    • Set work days are optional! (but an easy way to get your 5 hours completed)
    • Saturday tech rehearsals are NOT optional (these were on the calendar when you auditioned).
    • Mid term week - we may end early this week. Stay tuned.
    • February Break - we have regular rehearsals this week.
    • Final Two Weeks - we begin earlier and end later. 
    • Production Week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (cast and crew dinners in cafeteria), Thursday (Senior Citizen performance followed by pizza)
    • Parent volunteers - always appreciated! Most help is needed with set build/paint and costumes! 
    • Spring ceremonies - Save the dates! 
    • Other costs - t-shirts (optional usually $10), some costume pieces (socks, under garments, shoes)
    • Hair and Makeup - more info coming soon!
    • Tickets - are sold at the door the night of the performances.