• Art Club:

    The Art Club will work to involve students who are interested in art on many levels, but not necessarily enrolled in an art class.  The purpose of this club will be to strengthen and highlight artistic talents and foster creativity through community focused art activities.  Student members will have the opportunity to work in different types of media on individual and group creations.

    Please see Mrs. Dentel for more information.

    Student Council:

    The governing body of students that develops and orchestrates all activities for the school year. All students grades 9 - 12 are involved in this organization.


    Foreign Language Honor Societies:


    Societies developed to recognize high achievements in Spanish and French. The societies serve to promote a better understanding of the language, culture, and peoples.



    Math Team:


    An organization open to all students, that competes against area school in math league problem solving competitions.


    Service Club:


    An organization that is open to any Junior or Senior having a C average or better. The organization raises funds and provides functions to assist the school and community.


    National Honor Society:


    Membership in the Newark Chapter of the Newark Honor Society is based upon excellence in four areas: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.


    Varsity Club:


    An organization that promotes a better understanding of sportsmanship among athletes of Newark High School and to render services to the school.


    Students Against Drunk Driving:


    S. A. D. D. is a national organization designed to eliminate the deaths, injuries and damages due to teenage drinking and driving.



    Youth to Youth:


    An organization designed for the purpose of helping students deal with the powerful force of peer pressure, and to realize how to live a drug and alcohol free life.