Grant Services & Special Programs


    Newark Central School District is committed towards finding opportunities to advance its Strategic Plan to meet its Vision of reaching “every student, every day.”  Our department devotes itself towards reaching this goal in a fiscally responsible fashion that invites collaboration, a creative use of resources and a constant check that our initiatives align with our Strategic Plan.

    The Department of Grant Services conducts the following services:

    1. Discovers grant related resources to support current district initiatives
    2. Manages and supervises all grant funding within our school district
    3. Supports and manages activities related to Federal Block Grant Funding such as Title I, II and IV
    4. Coordinates community agencies and partners to capitalize efforts related to grant funding
    5. Supervises special programs and personnel funded exclusively by grant funding
    6. Conducts ongoing surveys and focus groups to ascertain the effectiveness of grant initiative effectiveness


    Currently, our department supervises the management of the following grants:


    Type of Grant

    Purpose of Grant


    My Brother’s Keeper’s Family and Community Engagement Partnership Grant



    Reduce the gap of achievement between black and Hispanic males and their peers.  Initiatives include:

    -Summer Programming for At-Risk Youth

    -Community Mentors for Black and Hispanic Youth

    -Cultural Humility Training for Newark CSD staff and eventually community Members

    -Rites of Passage Camps for Black and Hispanic Youth, K-12

    -Community Outreach Coordinator to foster community relationships and synchronize agency efforts to support families.



    Local Government Records and Management Improvement Fund Grant



    Reduce waste produced in managing records by digitizing school records.


    McKinney-Vento Homelessness Grant



    Support school aged students experiencing homelessness and reduce the amount of stress experienced by families.



    Math Science Program Title II Grant



    Increase student and teacher understanding of mathematical concepts through the implementation of discourse based pedagogy that is aligned with authentic applications of math.



    Student Safety and Support Title IV Grant



    Support professional development, curriculum and initiatives that create emotionally safe environments in which students may learn.



    Well Rounded Education Title IV Grant



    Support professional development, curriculum and initiatives that embed the arts in general curriculum, increase student engagement in daily instruction and support after school programing.



    Child Abuse Prevention Education Grant



    Develop and implement curriculum that increases student self-awareness, self-advocacy and ability to seek help.



    Titles I, Titles II and Titles IV Block Grants (Consolidated Application)



    Title I: Support students from lower income families.


    Title II: Professional Development.


    Title IV: Support initiatives focused on student safety, well rounded education or the implementation of best practices using technology.



    Monsanto/Bayer America Grower’s Grant



    Create a program at Newark HS that creates a Makerspace focused on Ag-STEM; create a 4H that meets at NHS and NMS.



    Lowe’s Toolbox Grants



    Create four Makerspaces at Lincoln, Perkins, Kelley and Newark Middle Schools.