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    Updates 6/15/18:

    • Graduation rehearsal will be at NHS at 8:00 am on Thursday, June 21. We will have an indoor practice followed by practice at Colburn Park (transportation will be provided). Please RSVP (patricia.verbridge@newarkcsd.org) if you anticipate needing transportation to and from Colburn Park. 
    • Indoor graduation will have overflow seating available in the NMS auditorium. The ceremony will be broadcast live to the middle school auditorium only. We will not have overflow seating available at NHS this year.   
    • Parking is limited at Colburn Park. Therefore, each graduating senior will be issued one parking pass per household
    • When parking at Colburn Park please keep the road that circles the outside of the park clear of any vehicles. There will be buses that need to drive through the parking lot at different times.
    • Overflow parking is available in the Wal Mart parking lot and shuttle service will be available
    • Seniors will be bussed from NHS to Colburn Park and back to NHS. As a result, limited time will be available after the ceremony for socializing/pictures etc. 
    • There will be no cable television broadcast of our ceremony this year.  


    Community outreach call at 6:50 pm on June 19, 2018


    Click for a Colburn Park map: Includes parking and a draft ceremony set-up.



    • When do shuttle busses start going to and from WalMart?
      • The busses will be set up to leave WalMart for Colburn for the first time at 6:30 pm. The last run from Colburn is at 10:15 pm. 
    • What time does my graduate need to be at graduation?
      • We are actually busing all students to the ceremony. All graduates should be at the high school by 7:15 pm at the latest! 
    • What is the recommended footwear for graduates? 
      • While baseball fields are designed to withstand some wear and tear, several hundred "heels" can do quite a bit of damage. All graduates are asked to wear flats or wedges. If indoors, students may wear whatever they are safe walking in. 
    • Student: My stepdad does not live with me, how am I supposed to decide who gets my parking ticket?
      • Parking is unquestionably the most significant limitation to an outdoor graduation at Colburn. Unfortunately, we have designated the one parking pass per graduate as a household pass. We apologize, as this leaves a difficult decision up to you regarding who gets to park at the venue. With that said, we will have very convenient shuttles located in the WalMart lot to provide transportation to and from the park.
    • If the graduation is outdoors, do I need a ticket?
      • No, as the venue will allow for general admission and no ticket is required for entry. BUT, a ticket is required to park. 
    • What is the television broadcast plan?
      • Unfortunately, we will not be able to broadcast from Colburn. If we are indoors, we will broadcast and feed the program to the middle school auditorium only. There will be no cable television broadcast. That is the bad news! The good news is we will post the ceremony to FaceBook at some point after graduation.