Emergency Closing Procedures

  • While emergency school closings most often result from severe weather conditions, schools may also be closed due to other reasons, such as a significant safety event or a loss of electricity, water or heat. It would be very helpful if parents develop a plan and make certain their child knows what to do should he or she be sent home early from school.

    Generally, if school is in session, it is possible, but unlikely students will be sent home early because of a weather-related problem. The district is always concerned whenever it is deemed necessary to send students home before their normal dismissal time.

    After consulting with the Director of Buildings and Grounds, Director of Transportation, local and area Highway Department supervisors and local weather information sources, the Superintendent of Schools makes the final decision on all closings. The decision to close is made by 6:00 AM to accommodate our earliest bus runs. Parents and staff will always be notified through a Connect Ed call from the Superintendent as soon as the decision is made. Our official Twitter account will also be used for these notifications, @NewarkCSD.

    Because the first calls go to the local television stations to meet their broadcasting deadlines, you may also check with one of these four television stations:

    CHANNEL 10

    CHANNEL 13


    Spectrum NEWS


    We also contact our local radio station WACK 1420 AM.

    Finally, the Newark Police Department is always notified. And, in the event that they see a student going to school on a day when it is closed, they can tell the student school is closed.


    During winter months, it may be necessary to close school to help protect children from instances of extreme cold and a -25° F sustained wind chill factor which our school physician has deemed dangerous.

    How can parents assist the school district in creating safer conditions for their children?

    • Make sure that your parent contact information at school is up-to-date. Many times the school is not informed of address changes, phone changes and changes in emergency contacts. This information must be up-to-date.
    • The school must know where your child is to be sent in the event of an early dismissal.
    • Make certain the person you have designated as the emergency contact knows you selected him or her.
    • If your house is locked because you are not home, make certain your child knows how to get into the home. Does he/she have a key? Is there a safe location where a key can be hidden? Can a neighbor keep a key? Let your child know what the backup plan is in the event you are not home and may not even know that school is closed.
    • Be patient if you’re trying to call the school for information. We have only a few telephone lines and each school has hundreds of students.


    We live in very challenging times and the Newark School District will do everything it can to make sure that your child is safe at all times. Parents and guardians are our partners in safety. We appreciate your concern and all you do.