• Student SchoolTool Portal 

    Here are two videos if you want to check them out.  You will need to open in Chrome or Microsoft Edge:
    Link to SchoolTool:   https://st.edutech.org/newark/
    The Student SchoolTool Portal is set up for grades 6-12.  You can log into the above link using your Network (school computer) log in (firstname.lastname and School Computer Password).
    Mobile App Instructions:  Go to your App Store, search for "SchoolTool Mobile", download App
    • It will ask you for URL:  https://st.edutech.org/newark/
    • Enter your username (firstname.lastname)
    • Enter password (school computer password)
    If you have any questions or problems, please contact Stacy at 332-3217 or Stacy Warren
    Thanks so much!!