• Perkins School is using the book "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids" as part of a character education program.  The book is part of the Leader in Me program that introduces children to personal leadership. All students have the capacity to lead in their own lives and affect those around them by making positive choices. The Leader in Me program provides students with activities to help them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to those positive choices.


    Our character education program connects nicely with our current HEARTS vision. Our HEARTS vision and the 7 Habits both emphasize respectful, responsible, and safe behaviors. Once the students learn and practice these 7 habits, they will be able to display their HEARTS characteristics and our vision the best they can in and out of school.


    There is a parent section that is available at www.TheLeaderInMe.org  You will find ideas to use at home involving the whole family and reinforcing your child's learning in a fun, interactive way.

    7 Habits of Happy Kids