• Krista
    Ms. Krista Lewis
    Assistant Superintendent
    for Curriculum and Instruction

    Welcome to The Office of Curriculum and Instruction


    Our district vision highlights the importance of providing students with the academic experiences they need to reach their maximum potential. The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is dedicated to bringing this vision to reality. In order to accomplish this, we need to:

    • Ensure that our curriculum is aligned to New York State Learning Standards and is being monitored and reviewed regularly

    • Provide daily instruction that is based on data, best practices and strategies to meet the needs of our students

    • Allow our students to regularly engage in rigorous learning experiences that encourage problem solving, creativity and many possibilities

    • Help our students make connections between what they learn in school and what they need to know in life to be prepared for their future

    • Believe in our students and support them to reach their highest potential

    The world in which our students will live and work in the future is not yet fully imagined. In the Newark Central School District, we will continue to strive for excellence and do our very best to prepare our students with the knowledge, skills, confidence and perseverance they will need to succeed.  

    The role that high quality professional development for our teachers and staff has in contributing to the success of our students must be recognized and placed as a top priority. We are excited to have recently expanded our professional development program in the Newark Central School District, with district-wide instructional coaches, a new Coordinator of Professional Development and ongoing opportunities for our teachers and staff to be supported as life-long learners. Growing and learning together with our students, parents and community will truly help us to achieve our vision, to contribute to the success of every student, every day.