• We had some very interested parents join us for our ELA curriculum night.  They heard information regarding our Common Core State Standards, the curriculum we follow that aligns to those standards and how the state tests have changed over the years.  Our highly talented teachers then conducted break out sessions where parents were able to experience first hand what their children do on a daily basis.  Thanks to Wegmans for supplying the snacks for the evening.  Below are some files that were handed out or shown that evening in case you couldn't make it.  We will be doing another curriculum night later in the year.

    Powerpoints                                         Handouts
    Parent Night for ELA                                                       Goldilocks Independent Rule
    Text Based Evidence                                                                     5 finger rule
    Close Reading of Text                                                                  Questions 1
     Independent Reading                                                                    Questions 2                                                  
                                                                                                            Your child as a reader
    ELA Night                                          ELA Night