Student Registration
    We are so happy you have decided to enroll your child in the Newark Central School District! The following steps are outlined to assist parents and/or guardians who wish to enroll students in the school district. Please be advised the district enrollment materials have been revised to comply with section 100.2(y) of the Commissioner's Regulations as amended. Our school district uses a Central Registration process, so all students, regardless of grade level, register at our District Office, 100 East Miller Street (4th Floor). Our summer office hours are 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM and during the regular school year 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM. If you have any questions, please contact our District Office at (315) 332-3213 or Cathy Jadus.
    Steps to Register your Student
    Step 1
    Contact the Central Registrar at (315) 332-3213 to obtain a registration packet or stop in to the District Office at 100 East Miller Street (4th Floor). You can also download the electronic registration packet from this website and fill it out and email it back to Cathy Jadus. You will be required to provide documentation when registering your student. See Registration Requirements below.
    Step 2
    After completing the initial registration forms, the Registrar will request records from the previous school. Once records are received, the school will contact you to complete the registration process and provide you with a start date for your child.