Technology Services

  • Through the integration of Technology into the Learning Environment, we can assist our students in becoming participating, responsible citizens achieving success in their personal lives and careers.



    Did you know....
    TeacherTube ( and WatchKnow ( aggregate thousands of videos from educators, YouTube, and the rest of the web. In essence, they are clearinghouses for educational videos that cover most school subjects, categorized by subject and education level. WatchKnow has a review panel of educators and educational video experts that monitor videos before posting.
    Check out the K-12 education group on YouTube ( Teachers and students can upload movie on this group, containing videos on hundreds of subjects ranging from making angel puppets to footage from the 2004 expedition to the Titanic!
    WARNING: Although the fair use clause in Copyright Law allows the use of works without permission for educational purposes, there may be restrictions. Any material first published after 1978 is copyrght protected. Know the law!