Technology Support

  • Free Internet

    • Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES, 131 Drumlin Court, Newark - Anywhere on campus
    • Newark High School lower parking lot
    • Lincoln School parking lot

    Free WiFi. Mondays 10-12, Hi-Rise. Wednesdays 1-3, Windsong Terrace. Fridays 4-6, Driving Park Circle

    Both school locations have WiFi access points that connect to the school's network. We suggest staying in your car when connected to the access point. 


    Quick Links

    Find free WiFi access near you!


    General Support


    Spectrum Logo

    How do I get free internet through Spectrum?

    You can get free internet through Spectrum if you have K-12 and/or college students living in your house and you're a new Spectrum customer. Installation is always free! Visit Spectrum's website for more details. 


    ATT logo

    My internet provider is AT&T, why can't I connect the school's device (laptop and iPad) to our WiFi?

    Currently we are experiencing problems with our devices connecting to AT&T routers and hotspots. At this time we don't have a fix, BOCES is working on this problem. You can connect to the school's network at the High School or at Lincoln School, see above for more information.


    Google Meet logo

    Google Meet, how do I use it?

    Here is a great website to learn everything about Google Meet! 


    Laptop Support


    Schedule an appointment logo

    My laptop is broken to the point I can't access school material.

    IT will be available every Wednesday from 12-2 at the High School. Please make an appointment with IT. 


    wifi logo

    My laptop won't connect to the internet outside of school.

    Please follow the Offsite Login directions. After following these directions and you are still not connected to the internet, please fill out this Form to notify IT of the problem. Our IT Department is working to get this problem resolved. 


    laptop logo

    I have a new laptop that I haven't fully setup, how do I set it up?

    The first time you log into a laptop, you need to be connected to the school's network. If you haven't logged into the laptop yet, please drive, and stay in your car, to the High School or Lincoln School (details below). If you have already logged into your laptop you can follow these directions to get it fully setup.


     date and time log

    My time and date are incorrect, how do I fix it?


    On the laptop, click on the Start button (Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen). Go to the #NCSDLearns folder and select Time Settings. Here you will be able to manually change the date and time. You can also find the #NCSDLearns when a student or staff member sign in to Google Chrome. On the Booksmark Bar of Google Chrome you will find the #NCSDLearns folder. 


    login logo

    I'm trying to log into my laptop but I'm receiving the message, "We can't sign you in with this credential because your domain isn't available."

    Your child has never signed into this laptop at school. Please go to the HS student parking lot (first parking lot on the left when entering from Peirson Ave) or to the Lincoln School parking lot and connect to the WiFi. WiFi access points have been installed so you can connect to the school's network without leaving your car. Once connected, log into the laptop and wait for it to fully load. Now you will be able to log into the laptop anywhere.


    charger logo  

    I lost my charger, how do I get a new one?

    At this time the IT Department does not have access to give out new chargers. We recommend purchasing one of these chargers. We have also found the Ninetendo Switch chargers work with school-issued laptops.  


    iPad Support

    My iPad won't connect to the internet outside of school.

    Please follow these directions. If the Mobile Login app has not appeared, please continue to keep the iPad connected to your WiFi.


    The Mobile Login app (jeep picture) has not appeared on the iPad.

    Please keep the iPad connected to your WiFi and wait for the Mobile Login app to appear. It may take awhile for it to appear. After it appears, follow these directions.