Pupil Services

  • The Newark Central School District Special Education Department is committed to providing quality educational services to students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Through a network of supports, students with disabilities are empowered to identify, pursue, and fulfill their personal aspirations and to be responsible and productive citizens. Effective communication and sustained connections foster a sense of importance, contributing to the success of every student, every day.


    Kerri Levine  Kerri Levine Director of Pupil Services 315-332-3211 315-332-3517 (fax)

    Sara McLean  Sara McLean Committee on Special Education Chairperson 315-332-3214

    Katie Barker  Katie Barker Committee on Pre-School Special Education Chairperson 315-332-3264


    Department Secretaries

    Veronica Ciaramella 3-8 Committee on Special Education; 3-8 504 Plans 

    315-332-3224 (phone) 315-332-3534 (fax)

    Tina Kline K-2 Committee on Special Education; 9-12 Committee on Special Education; Medicaid

    315-332-3223 (phone) 315-332-3534 (fax)

    Lorrie Palermo Committee on Pre-School Special Education; K-2 504 Plans; 9-12 504 Plans; STAC

    315-332-3212 (phone) 315-332-3534 (fax) 

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