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    Russell Harris, President Board of Education

    Main Switchboard 315-332-3200

    Matthew Cook, Superintendent Matt Cook 315-332-3217
    Krista Lewis, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Krista Lewis 315-332-3217
    Edward Gnau, Assistant Superintendent for Business Edward Gnau 315-332-3210
    Jennifer Singer, Director of Pupil Services Jennifer Singer 315-332-3209
    Chris Corey, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Chris Corey 315-332-3241 
    Thomas Roote, High School Principal Thomas Roote 315-332-3242
    Ryan Wagner, High School Assistant Principal Ryan Wagner 315-332-3243
    Teresa Prinzi, Middle School Principal Teresa Prinzi 315-332-3290
    Gregory Herbst, Middle School Assistant Principal Gregory Herbst 315-332-3296
    Jeffrey Hamelinck, Kelley School Principal Jeffrey Hamilinck 315-332-3326
    Stephanie Miller, Lincoln School Principal Stephanie Miller 315-332-3342
    Susan Achille, Perkins School Principal Susan Achille 315-332-3315
      Psychology Office 315-332-3212
      Monica Stadler, CSE Chair/Instructional Support 315-332-3211
      Susan Carr, Personnel Office 315-332-3222
      Deb Barry, Community Education/Volunteer 315-332-3265
      Jeremy Hughes, Work Experience 315-332-3266
      Warren Bushart, Food Service 315-332-3262
      Sheila Dittmar, Transportation 315-332-3330
      Michael Steve, Facilities and Maintenance 315-332-3245
      Jamie Sonneville, Director of Technology 315-332-3220
      Mark Miller, Dir. Grant Services/Special Programs 315-332-3263