• Rules and Behavior Guidelines
    Rainbow Rules
    Dear Parents and Lincoln School Families,
    School safety is on everyone's mind these days. We work hard at Lincoln to ensure a safe, secure, learning environment for all students. We are proud that our students display positive and responsible behavior. They are cooperative, and friendly, and follow school and classroom rules.
    School rules are assigned to ensure student and staff safety, to teach responsible self-managing behavior, and to enable your child to maximize his or her academic learning.
    We believe that teaching the rules and cooperative behavior is a shared responsibility between home and school. We are clear with students and the rules, the rewards for following the rules, as well as consequences for not. Please review and discuss these rules with your child.
    By working together, we can create a safe, positive learning environment for all the students at Lincoln School.
    Our School Rules - We will show:
    • Respect for Others
    • Respect for Learning
    • Respect for Safety
    • Respect for Property
    We believe:
    • That people who are honored, valued, and respected, learn to honor, value, and respect others.
    • That when students are responsible for their own learning and behavior, they will feel successful.
    • That staff, teachers, and parents need to guide children to learn to be accountable and responsible for their learning at home and at school.
    We "Sparkle" at Lincoln by:
    1. Saying please, thank you, you are welcome, excuse me
    2. Using quiet voices
    3. Walking
    4. Keeping our school clean
    5. Smiling!