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    Lincoln School Welcomes You To The 2021-22 School Year

    General Information

    Office Hours 8:00 – 4:00

    The office secretary will help you with questions concerning lost and found, messages to children, general information, appointments, etc. Instructional time is of utmost importance and therefore, teachers will not accept calls during this time. Our secretary will be happy to take a message for a teacher.


    School sessions and times

    UPK Half Day

    8:30 – 11:15

    UPK Full Day

    8:30 – 3:00

    Kindergarten & Grades 1 - 2

    8:30 – 3:00

    There is no supervision for children before 8:30 am. For your child’s safety, please do not drop off children before this time. Students can enter school at 8:30 am.



    If your child wishes to ride a bicycle to school, please have them walk the bike up the front sidewalk of the school and park it in the bike rack on the side of the building. Please use your judgment as to whether your child can ride his/her bike safely to school. We ask that you send in written permission if you are allowing your child to ride their bike to/from school.

    Skateboarding and bike riding on school stairwells and entrance ramps is strictly prohibited.  Security cameras are on site and violators could be prosecuted.


    Breakfast for students runs from 8:30-8:45 am.

    UPK and K breakfast will be delivered to the classroom. UPK and K student will go directly to class upon entering the building. Breakfast will be in the room.

    First Grade students will report directly to the classroom upon entering the building and teachers will send them to the cafeteria for breakfast as it fits into the teacher routine.

    Second grade students will report directly to the cafeteria upon entering the building. They will get their breakfast first and then go to the classroom. Any second graders who do not want to eat breakfast can report directly to their classroom upon entering the building.

    Students are given 1/2 hour for lunch. The lunch schedule begins at 10:50 am and ends at 1:15 pm.

    It is requested that students do not carry cans or bottles in their lunch boxes because of the safety hazards. It is requested that liquids be put in thermos bottles, plastic containers or paper pouches and food in plastic containers, sandwich bags, etc.


    In the Cafeteria, students are expected to:

    • Use a quiet voice.
    • Stay in their seat.
    • Raise their hand if they need help.
    • Remember to be quiet if the lights are out.
    • Remember to clean up after themselves.

    My School Bucks  http://www.myschoolbucks.com

    With current national attention being focused on children’s health and wellness issues, Newark School District’s Food Service Department is excited to provide parents a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account at any time.  This service also provides parents the ability to view your child’s account balance through a web site called myschoolbucks.com. 

    Also, parents will have the ability to print out a copy of their child’s eating history report.  This history report will show you all dates and times that your child has purchased a breakfast and or lunch within the past thirty days. 

    Menus are available on the district website and will be sent home with each student.



    Clothing and footwear should not interfere with the ability to engage in classroom or school activities.  Children will be playing outside during recess, and we ask for your assistance with making sure they are dressed appropriately for outdoor play throughout the year. Boots, snow pants /suits, hats and gloves are required on snowy and cold days. Sandals, high heels and flip flops that do not secure the heel of the foot to the sole of the shoe are also dangerous on the stairs, on the playground, and during quick evacuations such as fire drills.

      • *Bare midriffs, tube tops, halter-tops, tops w/ spaghetti straps are not suitable.
      • *Shorts, skirts, dresses should be an appropriate length.
      • *Clothing that does not completely cover undergarments is not acceptable.
      • *Undershirts/muscle shirts pajama bottoms (& tops) and slippers are not appropriate (students may wear Pajamas for class themed parties).


    Emergency Procedures

    Lincoln has written procedures for emergency situations including fire, bomb threat, and intruders.  These procedures are regularly revised both district-wide and in the building and reviewed with the staff annually.  In addition, emergency drills are conducted throughout the school year.


    Farewell Friday Assembly/Birthdays/Respect Notes

    Farewell Friday is a time when we reinforce positive character traits, celebrate birthdays, read stories and sing songs. Parents and families are welcome, and encouraged, to attend any “Farewell Friday” assembly virtually. Check our website for special events at these assemblies.

    We will announce the birthdays for the week including those on Saturday.  At the end of the year, we will announce all the July and August birthdays.

    Families, friends, siblings, students and teachers can write a respect note highlighting a character trait (kindness, respect, responsibility, leadership, etc.) that a student exemplified or demonstrated at school or in the community. All respect notes are read by the principal or counselor and need to be turned in prior to Friday morning.


    Parking and Student Drop Off

    The entry and exit to Lincoln School is from Frey Street. There is parking in our lot as well as on the streets adjacent to the school. Parking is not allowed in the school driveway. The left lane if for entry to the parking lot and the right lane is for student drop off and pick up. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to transport our students safely and efficiently. When dropping students off at school, please have students stay in the vehicle until your reach the staff who are assisting students across the bus loop. It is also very important that student only exit your vehicle from the passenger side of the car. Traffic will be passing on the driver side. If you arrive with your child after staff has returned to the building, please park your vehicle and call 332-3342 to check your child in for attendance purposes.


    Parent Conferences/Report Cards

    A strong home-school connection is important to best meet the needs of the children. One way to help achieve this is through parent-teacher conferences. We encourage parents to meet with their child's teacher at any time. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher to set up an appointment. 

    Report cards are sent home in November, March and at the end of the year.


    Physical Education / Recess

    The Newark Central School District requires all students to be safely dressed for proper participation in physical education classes. Students must have sneakers for physical education classes and outside recess.  Please have your child bring or wear sneakers daily.

    Due to risk of injury, no jewelry is permitted during physical education classes. Exceptions: post earrings or jewelry documented or verified to be of religious or medical purpose.



    In an effort to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, all visitors must have a

    scheduled appointment to enter the school building. Appointments can be made by

    contacting the Main Office within each school building.

    • Lincoln School: 315.332.3342

    Upon arrival, visitors must complete a health screening questionnaire and temperature check. If a visitor is not permitted to enter the school building at the time of arrival, they will be provided with an alternative mode of communication. Upon entry, all visitors are required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing. In the event that an item is being dropped off for a student, the visitor will place the item in a designated area as determined within the school building

    Parents and/or students are not allowed in classrooms when the teacher is not present without permission of the teacher or the principal.


    Attendance/ Health Information

    School will begin on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 with a full-day schedule for grades UPK-2.

    Lincoln School children should not arrive at school before 8:30 am. The tardy bell will ring at 8:45 am. Students who are tardy must park in the lot and call 332-3342 to be signed in.

    Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for learning and making progress in school.  Arrival on time is particularly important so that students are present for opening organizational activities.

    For safety reasons, please notify use to let us know if your child will not be attending school. We monitor every child’s attendance and notify parents when there is a concern through notices and/or home visits. Our goal is to have all students in school more than 90% of the time. Please work with us to help us achieve this goal.

    Note:  Illness, medical appointments, death/illness in family and religious holidays, are legal.  All other absences, including family trips or outings, are recorded as illegal. Written excuse notes are required when the child returns to school.

    Please call our school nurse, Mrs. Williams (315-332-3349), by 8:45 am if your child is not coming to school. We will call each family of an absent child unless we get your call.

    • A written excuse is also required on the day your child returns to school.
    • If it is known in advance that a student will be absent or tardy, the parent/guardian should notify the teacher, in writing, prior to the absence or tardiness.

    The responsibility for a child's health belongs to the parent. A school health program is based on the cooperation with the parent, the local public health department and the entire school staff. The school health services of Newark Central School include the following:

    Physicals are required by New York State Law for all new entrants and students in Pre-K or Kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh and tenth grades. If you choose to have your child's physical done by your family physician, at your own expense, please return the Physician Health Report to the nurse's office by October 1. Otherwise your child will be scheduled to see the school physician.

    An annual vision exam by the school nurse is required for all children K-12. Parents are notified when conditions are found which indicate any suspected need for a professional’s care.

    An annual hearing screening is required for all kindergarten, new entrants and students in grade 1. Parents are notified when conditions are found which indicates any need for a professional hearing examination.

    Screenings for height and weight are completed on each child yearly.

    Parents are urged to communicate with the school at any time if a vision, hearing, or other problem is of concern. The school cooperates closely with the Public Health Department in maintaining a high level of immunity in this community.

    The Public Health Law requires parents or guardians to have each child immunized against polio, three-day measles (rubella), diphtheria, regular measles, mumps, varicella and hepatitis in order to attend public, private or parochial schools in New York State.

    Evidence of these immunizations must be presented at time of entrance into school.



    During the school year, many requests are received to dispense medication. Please be sure to contact our school nurse (332-3349) if you have any questions about medication.

    • The school nurse must have on file a written request from the family physician in which he/she indicates the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication and/or any over the counter medications.
    • The medication must be delivered directly to the nurse by the parent or a responsible adult.
    • The medication must be in the original prescription container or over the counter container.
    • The medication must be kept in the nurse's office in a locked area.


    Medications for Field Trips or Off School-Ground Activities

    NYS Education Law now mandates that any prescribed medication needed by a non-self-directed student during the school day must be given by school nursing personnel. A non-self-directed student means the child is unable to take medication independently in a responsible way. Administration of such prescribed medications may not be performed by school staff (teachers, assistants).

    Nurses are not always able to attend off-site activities, such as field trips, due to building responsibilities. Also, many times there are a number of classes going to different activities during the same time frame. Therefore, any prescribed medication required to be given routinely during the school day or on an "as needed" basis (inhalers, Epipen, bee sting kits, Benadryl) cannot be given by school staff in the event that a nurse is unavailable. This means if your child's class goes on a field trip or on an activity off school grounds and they need one of the above-mentioned medications, the parent or a designated relative or friend would need to attend the activity. That individual would be responsible to give the medication to the student and to monitor his/her needs. We would need written confirmation of this decision from the parent/guardian of the student.

    If a student has an "as needed" or routine medication in school, it would be necessary for it to be available during the field trip unless the parent and doctor sign a statement indicating that the child would not require the medication during that time. If there is no designated person available to attend the activity to administer the medication if needed or there is no written statement from the parent and doctor to indicate no need, that student would not be able to attend the activity. We make every attempt to provide nurses for field trips, however, it is not always possible.

    Please make special note of this change in procedure now so that the necessary arrangements will be in effect for your child if needed. When these procedures are followed, all children will be safe and able to enjoy the activity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child's school nurse.


    Facemasks and Face Coverings

    The health and safety of the children and adults in our schools is paramount. Health and safety considerations must always come first. Pursuant to New York State Department of Health Guidance, students, faculty and staff must maintain appropriate social distancing (i.e. 6 feet/barriers) while in school facilities and on school grounds, unless safety or the core activity requires a shorter distance.

    Face coverings are required to be worn at all times. Students are allowed to wear their own mask; however, if this is not possible the district will provide masks for students. The mask should simultaneously cover both the mouth and the nose.  Face masks are for individual use and should not be shared. Masks can be removed for mask breaks or instructional purposes with permission from the supervising staff member.  During meals, face coverings will not be required.  However, all those eating must maintain six feet of social distance. Masks should be used in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and New York State Department of Health.


    Social Distancing

    Students will maintain social distancing (a six-foot space between yourself and others) when possible or unless otherwise instructed by an adult. This means that we cannot congregate in groups in common areas in the school building or on school grounds (hallways, lavatories, bus loop).



    On the Newark Central School District website, you can find a downloadable 2020-2021 school calendar that outlines Holidays/Recess and Conference Days. Families should be sure to make alternate arrangements for childcare on days when school is not in session. A list of these dates is found at the end of this handbook.


    Half Day Schedule

    Students will be provided breakfast on half days, but lunch will not be served.

    Students will be released from school at 11:15 am.


    School Closings

    There may be times, due to adverse weather or other emergencies, when it will be necessary to close school. In case of bad weather, please tune into one of the following radio stations:

    WACK 1420 AM, WNNR 103.5 FM, WHAM 1180 AM, WDVI 100.5 FM, WPXY 97.9 FM, WNYR 98.5 FM

    also, TV stations: WHEC (10), WROC (8), WHAM (13)

    Should it be necessary to close during the day, notice will also be given to the above-mentioned radio stations. Please develop a plan with your child as to what he/she is to do if and when such an emergency might arise. Please listen to the radio and DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL for school closing information. For this reason, again, updated emergency information for your child is very important.


    Contact Information

    As the school year progresses, please notify us as soon as possible if there is a change of address, telephone number, babysitter, emergency numbers, work schedules, etc. This information is extremely important in an emergency. The school will not allow transportation changes for students without your written authorization. Thank you for your cooperation.


    Dismissal Changes

    If a student is to be released prior to dismissal (3:00 pm) or comes in late (after 8:45 am), the parent/guardian must come to the front desk to sign the official attendance log.

    The school must also be notified in writing of any Dismissal Changes before 11:00 am including changes to bus transportation.  Written requests can be sent in with your child, faxed to 315-332-3604 or emailed. 


    Transportation change forms are also available on our website at:  Transportation Application. We cannot release a student to anyone, other than a parent/guardian, unless we have a written note from the parent.


    If you requested transportation and need to make a change due to an emergency, please contact the main office and we will work to assist the need.  However, if a pattern of reoccurring, last minute change develops we will send you a new transportation application and ask you to update the form to reflect the change.  If we do not receive the updated application, we will then notify you that transportation services have been suspended until a new transportation application is received. 


    Support Services

    A wide range of support services exists to support the instructional needs of each individual child. Teacher teams meet regularly to address specific student concerns. These teams are multi-disciplinary in nature, include support personnel, general education teachers and parents, and follow a structured problem-solving approach focused on the individual student. These teams are responsible for implementing plans, determining best interventions, and monitoring the student’s progress. Building support personnel are also available to manage necessary and mandated referrals to the Committee on Special Education.


    Several services are offered as part of the general education program. These services include:

    • Academic Instructional Support for Reading
    • Academic Instructional Support for Math
    • Diagnostic/prescriptive teaching
    • Speech or Language Improvement
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Regular education classroom with teaching assistant support for part or up to full day
    • Counseling Service – through the school counselor
    • Psychological services provided by the School Psychologist
    • English language learner support
    • Health services including vision, hearing and scoliosis screening, assessing/monitoring and responding to sick children, administering medications/consulting with school personnel on health issues.



    Textbooks and Library Books


    Books are prize possessions and must be treated with care. Students will be required to pay for lost, damaged, or books that have been written on.


    Behavior Guidelines


    School safety is on everyone's mind these days. We work hard at Lincoln to ensure a safe, secure, learning environment for all students. We are proud that our students display positive and responsible behavior. They are cooperative, and friendly, and follow school and classroom rules.


    School rules are assigned to ensure student and staff safety, to teach responsible self-managing behavior, and to enable your child to maximize his or her academic learning. In the event that you believe any person has been subjected to discrimination, bullying, or harassment, please contact our building’s Dignity Act Coordinator, John Ginter at 315-332-3342 or John.Ginter@Newarkcsd.org If you have any questions please refer to our District Code of conduct.


    We believe that teaching the rules and cooperative behavior is a shared responsibility between home and school. We are clear with students and the rules, the rewards for following the rules, as well as consequences for not. Please review and discuss these rules with your child. 


    By working together, we can create a safe, positive learning environment for all the students at Lincoln School.


    • No person shall be subjected to discrimination, bullying, or harassment based on their:

    - actual/perceived race

    - color

    - weight

    - ethnic group

    - religion

    - religious practice

    - disability

    - sexual orientation

    - gender, or perceived sex

    - sex

    - national origin



    • That people who are honored, valued, and respected learn to honor, value, and respect others, their property, and their learning environment.
    • That when students are responsible for their own learning and behavior, they will feel successful.
    • That staff, teachers, and parents need to guide children to learn to be accountable and responsible for their learning at home and at school by working together.


    Student Responsibilities

    All District students have the responsibility to:

    • Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning and to show respect to other persons and to property.
    • Be familiar with and abide by all District policies, rules and regulations dealing with student conduct.
    • Attend school every day unless they are legally excused and be in class, on time, and prepared to learn.
    • Work to the best of their ability in all academic and extracurricular pursuits and strive toward their highest level of achievement possible.
    • React to direction given by teachers, administrators and other school personnel in a respectful, positive manner.
    • Work to develop mechanisms to control their anger.
    • Ask questions when they do not understand.
    • Seek help in solving problems that might lead to discipline.
    • Work to repair and restore relationships, trust and/or damage done to the school community.
    • Dress in a manner consistent with the student dress code. See section “Student Dress Code” in the Code of Conduct.
    • Accept responsibility for their actions.
    • Conduct themselves as representatives of the District when participating in or attending school-sponsored extracurricular events and to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, demeanor, and sportsmanship.
    • Report negative behavior which may negatively affect the school climate, other students or school personnel or any behavior that is in violation of the Code of Conduct.


    Wherever possible and practicable the District is committed to implementing restorative practices.  Typically, progressive discipline will be utilized starting with a low level of discipline and progressive to suspension from school for various periods of time.  However, the severity of misbehavior and the student’s total disciplinary record will impact any decision regarding discipline.


    Unacceptable Behavior


    Bullying/Harassment When actions are taken repeatedly over time that make a person feel uncomfortable or afraid. This could include physical (i.e. hitting, kicking, punching spitting, pushing), verbal (i.e. teasing, name calling, making threats), emotional (i.e. spreading rumors, leaving someone out)


    Cyberbullying When technology is used inappropriately in order to hurt others. This could include email, text messages, digital photographs or videos.


    Students are not allowed to bring, use, or sell, weapons as defined by the District Code of Conduct in school or on school property. Knives, guns, clubs or any device that could be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited on school property, including school buses. Any situations concerning weapons will be reported to the authorities and could result in an out-of-school suspension.


    Lincoln School
    Classroom Managed/Office Managed Behavior Chart

    Classroom Managed

    Office Managed



    ·       Work refusal

    ·       Inappropriate language, tone, attitude

    ·       Physical disruption

    ·       Minor theft

    ·       Noise disruption (low intensity)

    ·       Minor fleeing within the classroom

    ·       Non-compliance

    ·       Disrespectful language

    ·       Cheating

    ·       Technology violation: nonserious, but inappropriate use of cell phone, camera and/or computer


    ·       Abusive, Aggressive Profanity, directed at an individual or group

    ·       Disruption (high intensity behavior)

    ·       Dress code violation

    ·       Fighting (involving physical violence)

    ·       Harassment/Bullying of a student or teacher

    ·       Fleeing (leaving a setting without permission)

    ·       Leaving building or school grounds

    ·       Technology violation: serious, inappropriate use of cell phone, camera and/or computer

    ·       Threatening language or gestures

    ·       Use/Possession of alcohol/tobacco/drugs

    ·       Vandalism/Defacement of school property

    ·       Weapons


    All incidents are subject to teacher discretion and professional judgement. This is merely a tool to help clarify discipline continuum



    Bus Rules


    • Follow directions of bus driver and treat bus driver with respect. Observe the same appropriate behavior that is expected in the classroom.
    • Stay seated.
    • Only three to a seat or less
    • Treat others with respect
    • No eating or drinking on the bus.
    • Computer or other games, electronic equipment, and cards of any kind should not be used on the bus.


    Bus Consequences

    1. Warning by bus driver.
    2. Written warning sent home and referral to principal.
    3. Temporary suspension of bus privileges.
    4. Permanent suspension of bus privileges.


    Playground Rules

    • Wear sneakers to be safe.
    • Upstairs, Down slide, Feet first, On bottom.
    • Sit on swings, Front to back, Stop, Get off.
    • Games on the grass, Hands to yourself.
    • Play safely: Across monkey bars –not on top.
    • No standing on parallel bars, Give the swings a big space- do not get close.



    Detailed expectations are outlined in our District Code of Conduct.