Mrs. Susan Achille, Principal

    Mrs. Sarah Griepsma , School Secretary
    Mrs. Amanda Crowder, School Secretary 
    439 West Maple Avenue
    Newark, NY 14513
    Welcome! I’d like to thank you for taking this opportunity to begin to learn more about Perkins School that serves 330 students in Pre-Kindergarten through second grade. 

    The school opened in 1925, originally as a high school.  Over the years the facility has received a number of renovations, the most major project being completed in September 2000 consisting of a large addition to the original building that includes a new gymnasium, media center, cafeteria, main foyer area, and three floors of beautiful classrooms. 

    At Perkins School, we work toward delivering a balanced program. It combines a strong focus on literacy development along with providing students with a solid foundation in math as well as integration of health, science, and social studies throughout our curriculum. 

    Our co program consisting of BAR, BAW and MM along with our use of the CC math modules enables students to learn successfully in heterogeneous classrooms, each progressing at their own rate to reach their maximum potential. 

    We also provide students opportunities to explore and develop skills and talents in special subject areas including Art, Music, Physical Education and Media Center.  All classrooms are equipped with computers for daily student use, as we wish to ensure their familiarity with, and skill development  in technology, for learning. 

    Perkins teachers continuously reflect on their instructional practices, both individually and with colleagues in an effort to ensure the needs of all students are being met in all respects, including academically, socially and emotionally.  Implementation of best practices and ongoing professional reflection are customary among our teachers.

    Our school has a very active PTA that sponsors a number of activities for children and their families throughout the year including events such as our Fall Festival and Science Night, along with theme parties, an annual author visit, providing books for all students during reading week, and the 100th Day Celebration. 

    We encourage every parent to participate either directly, or indirectly in supporting their child’s learning by providing opportunities and activities in school and at home.  There are also numerous occasions for parents to volunteer in their own child’s classroom or for the many special events that take place throughout the year.  The parent and school partnership is strongly valued at Perkins School.

    For additional information about Perkins School, you may reach me at 315-332-3315 or by email at susan.achille@newarkcsd.org  

    I look forward to hearing from you! 

    Susan Achille