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    Welcome to Kelley School!
    Newark Pride  

    At Kelley, we encourage lasting connections and work hard to be the best version of ourselves.  We are critical thinkers, creators, and collaborators, to show our PRIDE every day.  We take pride in where we come from and where we are going.  We are Every Student, Every Day.

    The development of the above vision statement demonstrates our commitment to become the best version of ourselves and the collaborative culture we promote at Kelley School.  This statement is the result of many months receiving input from our students, families, community, and staff.  This was followed by a representative team developing a written vision that captures the values and beliefs our school community shared with us about what we want Kelley to become.  We are blessed to serve students and families through such partnerships and caring community.  

    Critical Thinkers:

    When we ask our community and business partners what they're looking for in successful candidates, almost always critical thinkers is near the top of their list.  There are many ways we promote critical thinking.  From our approach to instruction to problem solving, we are developing critical thinkers.  Through partnerships with the University of Rochester our teachers are being trained and implementing constructivist approaches in math.  Our students learn to ask deep questions and articulate support/agreements/disagreements in ELA through thoughtful evidence based thinking.


    Our students have opportunities to find their passions and create.  Every day, students have classes in humanities including music, art, STEAM, physical education, and library/media.  Students can also participate in extra-curricular activities such as intramurals, chorus in grades 3-5, band in grades 4-5, bucket brigade in grade 5, student government and our KSK News channel.  In our classrooms, we are also beginning our journey into personalized learning providing students with opportunities to construct and monitor their learning facilitated with their classroom teacher.


    The task of encouraging lasting connections and working hard to be the best version of ourselves is a community effort.  We consistently reach out in a reciprocal way seeking input on how we can better serve our students and community.  In recent years, our school has benefited from this collaboration in various ways including students participating in developing and achieveing goals, families partnering with us to provide insights and focus on their child's academic needs, our PTA providing fun and educational experiences, our community developing the district's strategic plan, our staff developing common school rules and local agencies supporting our student and family needs.


    We urge you to visit Kelley School if you've never been here, one of our staff members will gladly take you on a guided tour.  Feel free to call me at 332-3320 or email me. I truly look forward to speaking with you. 

    Jeff Hamelinck
    Kelley School Principal