Welcome to Newark Middle School!
         Welcome to the Newark Middle School! We anticipate an exciting year as we collectively strive to foster a culture of learning.  Our core values are built upon PRIDE -Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence as they relate to behavior, independence and learning and the 7- Habits of Highly Effective Teens- by Sean Covey.  We have worked to identify positive behaviors that our students should demonstrate throughout their day – in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, locker room, bathroom, during after school events and on the bus.  Our 6th grade students will experience the 7- Habits for the first time, while our 7th grade will be building on their learning from the previous year.  Finally, our 8th grade students will be working with The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make, by Sean Covey. All these learning opportunities will help to provide our students with the tools they need to make informed and wise decisions, build common expectations and independence. We believe that these tools will help to empower students to achieve academic success as well as grow socially and emotionally in a safe environment. 

         In our continuing effort to ensure that our students are receiving appropriate and challenging middle school experience, several initiatives are taking place. First, is the house concept.  The house concept creates a school within a school. Organizing our school into teaching teams, "houses" addresses a variety of needs of the middle level school child.  Elementary students have long had to make that leap “from small community schools where everyone knows everyone’s name” to the big middle school, which can be somewhat impersonal.  Our house structure will allow our school to provide a more unified and consistent approach in teaching and learning. This will also address the developmental needs of our students by organizing them into smaller communities or houses. Our students are assigned to the Maroon House, Gray House or the Neighborhood (6th grade).  Our counselors will be assigned a specific house to help support our students throughout their years at the middle school.

         While the house concept creates a school within a school, we further support this through our housed lunches. Our students are assigned to the Maroon House (10th period lunch) or the Gray House (8th period lunch).  As our 6th grade makes up the Neighborhood, they will eat lunch as a grade level 6th period. Low -Key Lunches are offered four days a week by our counselors. Low-Key Lunches not only offer our students a quieter place for lunch in our LGI, they focus on relationship building and support for students.

         In order to create the best possible learning opportunities for your child, we offer a variety of classes to enrich, challenge and advance our students academically. Our 6th graders, participate in WIN – What I Need, World Cultures, Digital Learning, STEAM, Library Media, Advanced Studio Design, and an opportunity for Advanced Math.  Our 7th grade students, participate in Foreign Language, STEAM-7 and Robotics, Advanced Studio Design 7 and an opportunity for Advanced Math. Our 8th grade students participate in Foreign Language, Technology, Every Music Technology and have the opportunity for High School credit classes: Algebra, Living Environment, Studio in Art.  All of our students participate in grade level ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies lessons that are comprehensive and challenging. Students attend 20 weeks of Home and Careers, Health, General Music, and Art yearly. And finally, a full array of clubs, activities, intramurals, modified sport opportunities, band, chorus and a yearly middle school musical are offered to students interested in participating.

         On behalf of the Newark Middle School Staff, we welcome you and look forward to making your experience here something to be proud of.  Please feel free to reach out to us with questions you may have. Principal, Teresa Prinzi 315.332.3290, Teresa.Prinzi@newarkcsd.org or Assistant Principal, Kari Hamelinck, 315.332.3215, Kari.Hamelinck@newarkcsd.org or Assistant Principal, Laurie Palmisano, 315.331.3296, Laurie.Palmisano@newarkcsd.org. We look forward to meeting you!

    Teresa Prinzi, Principal                                       Kari Hamelinck, Assistant Principal

    Teresa Prinzi

                        Kari Hamelinck
       Vanessa Stewart, Secretary 315-332-3306
    Jennifer Michael, Secretary 315-332-3303