• Newark CSD


    Today Governor Cuomo and his team held a press conference where he provided clarification regarding updated guidance.  At this time, we remain committed to following the official NYS guidance and we will change our reopening plan accordingly. 

    Specifically, the Governor announced the following:

    • The NYS guidance will be updated to allow for optional masks outside for both students and staff. We will implement this immediately.
    • The NYS masking requirements for students and staff while inside will not change and both students and staff will still be required to wear masks indoors.  

    As a district, we understand the weather is getting warmer and we will encourage mask breaks in classroom settings when students are socially distanced 6 feet apart. I am aware that some of you will not be pleased with this, while others will be grateful.  Nevertheless, I do feel this is a step in the right direction and anticipate as I indicated in yesterday’s correspondence, a very “normal” opening in September. 

    Lastly, thank you for all the feedback.  Each of your opinions is valued and your voice helps us better understand where our school community is on this issue.