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    Our Newark Central School District is going through a particularly trying time. The colder weather and the result of Thanksgiving gatherings has caused a spike in COVID-19 cases, affecting our students, their families, the school staff and community.

    Interim Superintendent Dennis Ford has kept the school board apprised of the supreme efforts that teachers, staff, bus drivers, food service workers and administrators have made to get kids into school. In his communications with the board, Superintendent Ford has agonized over the best path forward for everyone. He has kept the community informed as well, and we've all sensed his frustration with the situation, and his pride in Newark.

    When he, in collaboration with the administrative team, made the decision to go to full virtual learning earlier this week, he did it because we had run out of options and staff to support them. He conferred with board members and administrators in his deliberations and got unanimous agreement.

    No superintendent or administrator spent time in a college classes learning how to prepare for a pandemic. No one has ever faced this in our lifetimes. We are all learning on the fly. Our superintendent tapped a lifetime of sources and colleagues to find the best practices and guidance he could apply to our schools, and that's what he's done.

    All of the board members appreciate his professionalism and compassion in taking the wheel in the eye of a storm.

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