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    On the NHS Stage March 6, 7, 8 2020...

    Artwork by Deborah Szarek

    Artwork by NHS Senior Deborah Szarek

    Book by JOHN AUGUST
    Music and Lyrics by ANDREW LIPPA
    Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace
    and the Columbia Motion Picture
    written by John August

    Originally produced on Broadway by Dan Jinks, Bruce Cohen and Stage Entertainment with Roy
    Furman, Broadway Across America/Rich Entertainment Group, John Domo, The Nederlander
    Organization and Edward Walson in association with CJ E&M, Dancing Elephant Productions,
    Parrothead Productions, Harvey Weinstein/Carole L. Haber, Peter May/Jim Fantaci, Ted
    Liebowitz/Joe Piacentile and Columbia Pictures.

    Read the FAQ below for all the info you need! More questions? Send an email to Emily.Howard@newarkcsd.org

    • Crew Call - turn in your form any time on or before December 9 - CREW APPLICATION PACKET AVAILABLE IN MUSIC HALLWAY!!
      • You can email your completed form is that's easier! emily.howard@newarkcsd.org
    • Auditions - Monday December 9 at 6:00PM - AUDITION PACKET
    • Audition for Young Will (male students in grades 3-8) - Tuesday December 10 at 6:00PM - AUDITION PACKET
    • Callbacks Tuesday December 10 at 7:00PM
    • Rehearsals - January through first week of March (yes, we rehearse over February break)
    • Audition Prep -
      • Stop by Mrs. Flock's room after school and there will be people practicing the song. Connect with Mrs. Flock to see if she has time available for you to stop in
      • Tap audition is posted on Instagram
    • Rehearsal Calendar - also provided with audition paperwork
    • Scene Breakdown - see Drama Club bulletin board in music hallway

    Spring Musical FAQ 

    What is the show Big Fish about? 

    • Oh wow, so much! I can’t wait to talk to you about all the themes present in this one! It’s about legacies, family relationships, dealing with mortality, and the amazing people we meet and connect with on the journey of life.  

    But, it’s a musical right? 

    • Yep! Characters fall in love in an instant, people burst into song and dance all at the same time, there are solo opportunities and big production numbers too. 

    I can’t sing. 

    • Start hanging out in Mrs. Flock’s room when we get closer to audition dates. You’ll learn the songs as a group.  

    But I don’t want to sing in front of people. 

    • You will have to sing by yourself at auditions BUT it’s just you and the directors – not in front of everyone. And then when it’s time for the performance, you’ll get to sing with the whole group on stage!  

    I can’t dance.  

    • Lies. All lies. All bodies can move. Not everyone will be a featured dancer – so please do not stress. Also, that's why we have rehearsals! 

    Uhh, but I actually love to dance.  

    • Awesome! There are some production numbers that will not feature the entire ensemble and we will be looking for some featured movers (and tap dancers!).  

    Wait...does everyone have to tap dance? 

    • NOPE. Only a select group will. And if you’d like to learn I’m holding free open classes. Check the bulletin board for info. (And the grotto has shoes you can borrow!) 

    Some of the characters are only in one song (The Witch) so what happens to that actor for other scenes? 

    • We’re working on a detailed matrix that will show which characters are in which scenes. Someone like The Witch will be doubled as an ensemble member and get to jump into other production numbers.  

    What kinds of parts will the ensemble have? 

    • Take a look at the paper up on the bulletin board that describes some of the scenes. It's also listed at the bottom of this page.

    I only want to do the show if I’m this one specific character.  

    • Trust me, theatre is more than who “the lead” is. If you’re not here to make art and be a part of something amazing as a team, then this might not be the best activity for you. If you’re going to be sour about not getting a role then you’ll have to make the decision if you want to stay in the show. Make that decision early and let me know. If this is isn’t right for you, I would be happy to pass along info about other places that produce theatre! 

    I want to audition for the part of (insert specific character name here).  

    • Cool. Not happening. Everyone auditions for every part the second they walk into the audition room. Let the directors see your strengths and unique abilities and trust that they will put you in the right position to make the show the best it can be! Also, we don’t pre-cast the show – so please don’t do it either. 

    When are rehearsals? 

    • Mondays through Thursdays 6:00-9:00PM starting January 6.  
    • Performances are March 6, 7, 8 
    • Yes, we rehearse over February break and yes, it’s critical that you are there.  
    • Check out the calendar. It's attached to the audition packet.

    When are auditions? 

    • Monday December 9 at 6:00PM

    What do I have to do at auditions? 

    • Get your parent/guardian to sign a form. Fill out your paperwork. Show up.  
    • Learn a short dance call that everyone will do in small groups (like 5 people at a time).  
    • Tap dance call for anyone who wants to be considered for that number.  
    • Then, you’ll come into the room in pairs to read a short scene and sing a short song.  
    • Audition materials are available on the bulletin board in the music hallway

    Does everyone who auditions make it into the cast? 

    • There are no guarantees in life. Come prepared. Show us you want to be there. What can YOU contribute to the production? 
    • We can make the show work with 25 actors.

    I think I'd rather work behind the scenes. What kinds of jobs are there? 

    • Great! There are a TON of jobs. Fill out the crew application when it’s available and we can talk. Some jobs have already been assigned, but here are just a few of the many opportunities:
      • Assistant Stage Manager 
      • Sound Operators
      • Spotlight Operators
      • Deck Crew 
    • Love to paint/build/sew/organize? Join set construction or costume teams! 


    What kind of roles are available in BIFISH?/How many people will be cast? 




    Edward Bloom 

    Sandra Bloom 

    Dr. Bennett 

    Will Bloom 

    Josephine Bloom 



    The Witch 

    Various One Line in Ashton 

    Amos Calloway 

    Jenny Hill 


    Don Price 

    The Mermaid 


    Zacky Price 

    Alabama Lamb 1 


    Red Fang 

    Alabama Lamb 2 








    Excited Boy Scout 



    Young Will 



     What will the ensemble be in? 

    • Be the Hero 
    • Ashton’s Favorite Son 
    • Out There on the Road 
    • Showdown 
    • What’s Next/How It Ends 
    • The Procession 

    What scenes have just select ensemble?  

    (these scenes will be listed separately on the cast list) 

    I Know What You Want 

    • Witch Ensemble (female voices only) 

    Wedding Reception 

    • Guests (male/female dancers) 
    • Wedding Waitstaff 

    Calloway Circus/Closer to Her 

    • Circus Performers/Workers/guests 

    Red, White, and True  

    • Tappers (female) 
    • Soldiers (male – maybe some will tap) 
    • Singers (possible – female voices only) 

    Will some roles also get to be in the ensemble? 

    Yes, all of them when possible except Edward, Will, Sandra, Josephine. Sometimes these characters are in production numbers but often, not.