• Students must be in good academic and behavior standing in order to participate. Please complete and sign the Information Form (PDF below). Bring it with you on Monday March 4. Students will not be able to audition without a signed form.

    Auditions will take place the first evening, Monday March 4 5:00-7:00pm. Students interested in positions on the crew should also plan to attend Monday March 4.

    What will auditions look like?!

    • Everyone will be on stage together in a group. We'll play some games, do some vocal warm-ups and learn a short dance combination! 
    • Actors will be brought forward in groups of 5 or 6 to dance as a group!
    • Then, all cast and crew will go out to the lobby with some of our high school Drama Club members.
    • You'll play some games, learn some fun warm ups, and wait for your turn to come back into the auditorium.
    • In pairs, you will be called on stage. We'll have a quick chat, you'll sing your song, and read your reading from the script (watch for announcements about this later!)
    • We may ask you to sing or read something else from the script. You don't have to prepare anything and this may not happen for all people...we may have already seen what we need to from you! :)
    • Everyone will come back in the auditorium at the end of the evening for a cool down and announcements. Then...we'll see you on Tuesday when we'll pass out scripts and do a read through!

    What can I do to prepare for the audition?

    • Sing in the mirror, in the shower, in the car, for your mom and dad...to your cat or dog!
    • Think about ways to show expression while you are singing!
    • Read James and the Giant Peach!
    • Stay healthy!

    How can I make a good impression at auditions?

    • Be on time!
    • Complete the Information Form (printed below!) and bring it with you!
    • Be friendly and positive!
    • Show kindness to your fellow peers!
    • Listen carefully and don't talk during instructions!
    • TRY!
    • SMILE!
    • BE LOUD!

    What if I'm nervous at auditions?!

    • Don't worry, being nervous is part of auditioning! Use the nervousness to help you focus on what you need to do!
    • Take a deep breath before you begin.
    • Focus on a spot in  the back of the auditorium and look there.
    • Know that it's okay if you "mess up"! We are there to support you and want everyone to succeed!!
    All Actors will be considered for ALL parts. It is not necessary to prepare for a specific role! Directors will consider all individuals for all roles and ensembles!! 

    On Tuesday March 5 we will begin rehearsals with everyone called for a read through!!! Calendars will be distributed with specific dates/times for the remaining rehearsals. 

    Contact Miss. Howard if you have any questions! emilyRhoward@gmail.com through REMIND or (315) 857-3265