BEDS Process

  • Step 1 : Please see email from Stacy Warren


    Step 2:   Complete the ePMF process on the TAA website  



    - NYSED Frequently Asked Questions

    Teacher Codes


    ePMF Tips:

    • When choosing course codes, use codes that correlate with your teaching certification
    • Student support classes: use the search function to locate these assignments as follows:
      • Resource Room, enter "Resource" in the search line
      • Learning Center, "Other Subject Area" 
      • Subject area specific AIS, enter "AIS" in the search line
    • If you are unsure which course code to use, please contact Stacy Warren at x3217
    • For CT classes, General Education teachers report all students, Special Education teachers report only those students with an IEP
    • Do not combine classes/sections for a course! Report EACH section separately showing the appropriate number of students for each class/section.
    • If your information is complete, please click "Submit".


    Questions or Need Help? Email Stacy Warren