• Mr. Roote has asked The Drama Club to prepare something for the Wednesday November 8 Forum. The theme revolves around honoring Veterans. I have a short piece I am working on and I NEED YOUR HELP! 

    I am using letters from the book WAR LETTERS that are real correspondance from men and women serving duing wartime and also from loved ones at home. 

    The stage will be set up with the projection screen lowered and two stand mics and two music stands. Actors reading the excerpts from the letters need to be dressed in nice black clothes. The letters will be in a black binder that actors can either hold (like a choir folder) or place in the stand in front of them to read. The projection screen will have the dates of the letters and possibly some information about the writer. We'll have some quiet music playing throughout. All the actors do is step forward to the mic (only those two spots on stage will be lit) when it is their turn. This is not an acting piece. I am looking for people comfortable reading out loud from a binder. :)

    We will have a meeting and a rehearsal to walk through the piece as a group. Once I have volunteers, I will WORK AROUND YOUR SCHEDULES to make time to rehearse. It could be after school or evening...again whatever works best for the group that has volunteered. 

    • entire performance is around 12 minutes
    • seeking at least 2 (if not 15+) actors who are willing to read letters out loud...NO MEMORIZING, NO "ACTING"
    • seeking a lighting tech (programming board and/or hitting "go" several times throughout the performance)
    • seeking a sound tech (pushing play/stop on an ipod attached to sound board)
    • seeking a power point tech (again, clicks next on slides projected on screen)

    I will sign papers for Capstone hours. 

    If you can help me with this project (and I hope you can!) please contact me through REMIND or my email: emilyRhoward@gmail.com by Friday October 27. Once I have the list of people interested I will connect all of us for rehearsal and details.


    Volunteers Thus Far (last updated 10/25/2017 7:30PM)

    Jaidyn Fontanez-Orwen

    Abbi Belliveau

    Joseph Malach

    Isabella Bailey

    Anisha Stallworth

    Medina Van Duyne